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A First Look at the Upcoming Horror-Survival Game “Agony”

Playing agony on your gaming pc

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Horror games have evolved throughout the years, offering players different kinds of features as well as settings. There even are new horror games that are set in a futuristic universe such as SOMA and Dead Space. Then there are those who are set in a familiar environment such as towns, houses, restaurants, and schools such as Allison Road, Silent Hills P.T., and Friday Night at Freddy’s. But how about a game set in hell? Well, that’s exactly what the upcoming horror game “Agony” has to offer.

Agony is a horror-survival game which is currently in development and is set to be released on 2017 for PCs, gaming laptops, PS4, and XBox One. In the game, the player must escape hell by using a special ability that lets him control people on his path and possess the minds of weak demons. That power is the only thing you can use to survive in hell as you. Here is its intro trailer that was first shown in May 2016.

In Agony, the player will assume the role of a tormented soul in hell without any memories from his past. To escape, he must explore its hostile environment and interact with the other weary souls stuck in it. And as the story progresses, he will eventually learn that to be able to do that, he must meet the mystical Red Goddess.

Since its announcement, Agony has already been praised by many with its mind-blowing visuals and graphics. described it as “the goriest puzzle game ever” while has noted how impressive its screenshot and reveal trailer was. Some game review blogs even referred to the game as “one of the most hardcore horror games” to be released. And to make Agony more enticing, an 8-minute extended trailer was released to give us a sneak peek of the gameplay.

As of today, there are no details about its official date release. However, you can now access the game’s page on Steam. Agony is developed by MadMind, an independent team of nine developers that had worked in big games such as The Witcher 3, The Division, and Enemy Front.

Excited for this game? Check out its extended trailer that was just released two months ago.

To know more about Agony, visit its official page at

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