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League of Legends New Worldbreaker Skins

Worldbreaker Skins on League of Legends

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The 6.22 PBE cycle has been released and with it comes the Worldbreaker line. As first featured in League of Legends official Instagram account, the line consists of Worldbreaker Hecarim, Worldbreaker Nasus, Worldbreaker Nautilus, and Worldbreaker Trundle. The skin all features a somehow-Mayan theme with gold, blue and green accents.

Let’s take a closer look at these skins:

worldbreaker hecarim and worldbreaker nasus

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Worldbreaker Hecarim

Worldbreaker Hecarim will trample anyone who will wander into his warpath. Armed with his golden armor and his emerald glaive, he gallops forth into the night as he summons forth the dead. Using his supernatural powers, he will use the dead to follow his command so that living will learn who to fear and obey. This skin includes an all-new model, textures, and VFX.

Worldbreaker Nasus

Worldbreaker Nasus has returned to the land of the living to remind its inhabitants who truly own their lives. Wielding a godly staff and headdress with a skin glowing purple with spirit fire, Nasus will come by the dawn and take the soul of those who doesn’t fear him. Worship him and devote your soul to him, or else he’ll take it by force.

worldbreaker nautilus and worldbreaker trundle

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Worldbreaker Nautilus

From the depths of the Underworld, Worldbreaker Nautilus has risen to unleash his titanic wrath. Flooded or not, Nautilus will do everything to anchor his claim to the world. This new skin shows an all-new model and textures for Nautilus that features a cool new tentacle themed anchor. You can even see his immense power bursting from the back of his helmet!

Worldbreaker Trundle

Worldbreaker Trundle has come from the tundra to make this world his frozen throne. The ground will quake beneath your feet as he smashes his foes with his new club. His new skin also features a bluish glow that showcases his power. And whenever his goes, a frosted temple emerges from the ground as his new pillar.

The WorldBreaker skins are all available for 750 RP each. To purchase the skin, make sure to keep your Garena and League of Legends program updated in your gaming computers and laptops. For more information about the WorldBreaker skins, check out this blog post from

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