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Victorious Maokai Finally Revealed!

Victorious maokai of league of legends

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League of Legends 2016 Ranked Season will officially end on November 6. And as usual, players that will rank gold or higher will receive the Limited Edition Season Reward Champion Skin. For this year, we’re going to have Victorious Maokai as it was first revealed in the Chinese League of Legends website early this month.

Although Maokai isn’t exactly the most influential top-laner this season, he has been a vigorous and durable champion from the start. The Twisted Treant has been known for his powerful crowd control moves such as Arcane Smash and Twisted Advance. His another skill Sapling Toss can significantly improve your damage output and gives you the ability to farm efficiently. Overall, Maokai can provide his team a great tank with consistent damage and amazing crowd control abilities.


Let’s check out Maokai’s Victorious skin:

Maokai possessed the gold and blue theme the past Victorious skins have, completed with the leafy details that Sivir’s Victorious skin also have. He wears a royal blue toga in a Grecian-god style, adorned with golden braids and silvery-birch bark that adds a new level of royalty to his design. His Saplings also get to have a new concept.

From all the Victorious Skins, Maokai is also the first to get an adorable recall animation. It features one of his saplings, giving him a podium and fan him as he poses victoriously. Aside from a new model and texture, Victorious Maokai will also get new particles and new SFX.

“Maokai has earned recognition for his countless competitive accomplishments!” Riot Time Wizard described the new skin. “And with it, a regal new outfit for himself and his saplings.”

As of October 18, Victorious Maokai has been available for testing on the PBE. To obtain this skin, you must achieve a gold or higher ranking by the end of the season. Any players who are restricted on the chat by the end of the season will not get him as well as players who were caught boosting during this season.

League of Legends is a popular multiplayer online battle arena game for Microsoft Windows gaming computers and laptops. It is one of the most played game online aside from DotA 2, Heroes of the Storm, and CS: GO.

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