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The Most Terrifying Ghosts in Video Games

Honestly speaking, I’m the type of player who’s rather intimidated by ghosts in video games than monsters. For one thing, ghosts are untouchable, unlike monsters who can be killed with guns, swords, or any weapon that can do damage. That’s why for my article today; I’m going to introduce you to the scariest ghosts in video games.

Alma Wade from F.E.A.R.

Alma Wade appears in F.E.A.R as a little girl who appears and disappears in thin air. As a child, Alma was gifted with tremendous psychic powers, and as a result, she was experimented by Armacham Technology Corporation. She was so powerful that she could attack people using her mind or put them into a delusional state. This led the Armacham to put her into a coma and locked her body inside a Vault. But of course, this wouldn’t stop her from bringing terror to everyone who comes to her territory.

Sae Kurosawa from Fatal Frame 2

With her evil laugh and menacing look, Sae Kurosawa is one supernatural force that is hard to reckon with. She is a powerful, vengeful spirit who seeks revenge for her untimely death. Sae was once a villager living in All God’s Village with her twin, Yae. As a part of the village’s Crimson Sacrifice Ritual, she must strangle her sister Yae. However, her sister managed to escape the village, leaving Sae behind. This led the villagers to sacrifice her alone by hanging her with a rope.

Lisa from Silent Hills P.T.

Lisa has all the rights to the haunting spirit; she was killed by her husband while she was pregnant. Now, she haunts the hallway of the house as an apparition wearing a bloody gray nightgown, missing her right eye. Lisa also emits this spine-chilling sound similar to hysterical sobbing and laughing. She can appear and disappear anywhere in the house and can leave you disoriented with her horrifying look. Oh, and did I mention she can also break your neck?

The Little Girl from The House 2

The House 2 is an online game you can play for free on your PC or gaming laptop. What makes it scary is its sudden jump scares and the freaky little girl with black eyes and bloody face. She happens to be the orphan that was adopted by the family living in the house who committed suicide along with the other family members. In her bedroom, she’ll point out clues that she was seeing apparitions of a girl which later on led to her family’s demise.

Broken Neck from Fatal Frame

Broken Neck was first seen in Fatal Frame. She was said to be a guest of the Himuro Family who witnessed the failure of the ritual at the Hell Gate. She leaped to her death to escape the Himuro Family Master. Due to her death, her ghost appeared distorted with her head in the back of her body. To survive, you must take a photo of her facing backward. She is also known for popping out of nowhere and surprising the protagonist.

How about you? Who’s the scariest ghost you have encountered in a video game?

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