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Total War: Warhammer – The King and the Warlord Review – A Sturdy DLC Addition


Total War: Warhammer – The King and the Warlord DLC
Creative Assembly/SEGA

The gaming industry is in an interesting place right now. Seeming to take a cue from the film world, many game developers are making their games more episodic in nature. The Hitman reboot was one of the first franchises to go this route, with each of its chapters released piecemeal. And Total War: Warhammer has now gotten the same treatment, with its base game released back in late May of 2016, and various DLC’s being released sequentially after that.

Creative Assembly’s latest DLC, titled The King and the Warlord, buffs up the Dwarves and also gives Greenskin players some new units to engage in mayhem with. Not only is each side boosted up in terms of its army’s unit count, but a new campaign has been introduced that is focused on the famous battle for Karak Eight Peaks. Two iconic foes, Dwarfen warrior Belegar Ironhammer, and the sneaky and conniving Night Goblin warlord, Skarsnik of the Crooked Moon Tribe.


Total War: Warhammer players are now able to enjoy these two Legendary Lords, two regular Lords, new units for both factions, and even more Regiments of Renown. This latest DLC is almost identical in its format to The Grim and the Grave DLC, that was just released this past September, and augmented both the armies of the Vampire Counts as well as The Empire.

So, it is assumed that both the Warriors of Chaos and the Beastmen will get their additional Lords and units in some future DLC package. The Wood Elves are highly speculated to make their appearance as the next full faction that can be played, rounding out the majority of the Old World races within the epic Warhammer universe (hurry up with the Skaven too!).


Belegar Ironhammer begins the campaign in Karak Izor, within the Border Princes region. Belegar is unique among the dwarfs in that he is assisted by the dead spirits of ancestral Dwarfen heroes, such as Halkenhaf Stonebeard (a Thane), King Lunn The Ironhammer (also a Thane), hardy engineer Dramar Hammerfist, as well as Throni Ironbrow (a Runesmith).

Meanwhile, on the Greenskin’s side, Skarsnik begins the game in Karak Azgaraz, deep within Crooked Moon territory, along with his giant squig. Skarsnik also has access to a new Night Goblin War Boss, new Night Goblin and Squig units, and numerous brand new combat capabilities and skills including poison attacks.

The main attraction, however, are of course the Regiments of Renown. Here is a list of them (along with a brief description):



Grudge Throwers AKA Gob-Lobbers – a catapult that hilariously launches goblins into the air. Also damages targets morale upon impact

Ekrund Miners – Miners armed with powerful blasting charges. They can also be whipped up into a Frenzy for added attack value

Ulthuar’s Rangers – Dwarfen Rangers with Great Weapons. They also reduce an enemy’s missile deflection

Peak Gate Guards – Elite Hammerers that wield magic weapons, are immune to psychological attacks, and wear Dwarfen Sunder Armor.

Norgrimling’s Ironbreakers – Powerful Dwarfen warriors that are immune to psychological attacks and also can utilize Vanguard Deployment.


The Old Grumblers – Longbeards who wield Great Weapons and can boost friendly unit’s fatigue.

Dragonback Slayers – Dwarfen Slayers who have Fire Resistance as well as the ability to make enemies more flammable.

Skyhammers – Gyrobombers that can rain down multiple bombs on enemies.

Warriors of Dragonfire Pass – Dwarfen Anti-infantry who wield flaming weapons.

The Skolder Guard – Irondrakes that have augmented defence as well as armor piercing projectiles.



Deff Creepers – Goblin Spider Rider that can regenerate over time.

Teef Robbers – Goblin Wolf Chariot Rider that can hide in forests and that also have the Vanguard Deployment ability.

Da Rusty Arrers – Fearsome Night Goblin Archers that not only have armor sundering ranged attacks, but also poisoned melee attacks.

Morgrub’s Mangy Marauders – Goblin Wolf Riders/Archers that are immune to psychological attacks and also have armor-piercing rounds.

Hammers Of Gork – Goblin Rock Lobbers that have armor sundering ranged attack as well as decrease a foe’s melee and missile attack values.

Da Eight Peaks Loonies – Night Goblin Fanatics that have Dwarf-on-a-chain attacks.

Moon-Howlers – Goblin Wolf Riders that can strike fear in hearts of their enemies.


Broken Tusks Mob – Orc Boar Boy Big ‘Uns that wear heavy armor and can encourage friendly troops.

Durkit’s Squigs – Night Goblin Squig Hoppers with increased missile resistance.

Krimson Killerz – Anti-infantry Black Orcs wielding dual Great Weapons. Also have area of effect attacks.

Da Warlord’s Boyz – Night Goblins that can sunder armor and are also immune to psychological attacks.

Venom Queen – Arachnarok Spiders that can summon spider hatchlings unit to battle alongside of it.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of new, special units that can be utilized, and that can change the tide of any Total War: Warhammer battle or campaign. Knowing how and when to field them is of utmost importance, and they add a new strategic layer to the ever-growing lists of units.


Now, if Creative Assembly will finally release the Wood Elves DLC, I can get my mitts on my favorite Warhammer faction!

SCORE: 82%

Total War: Warhammer, of course, has some absolutely stunning visuals, and The King and the Warlord is no exception. However, you have to have an equally fast gaming PC in order to play it at a decent framerate. So, you may just want to invest in a decent gaming rig:


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