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Essential Items You Need to Survive in DotA 2

knowing dota 2 starting items

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New to DotA 2? Then you might want to check this item guide to help you survive your first normal matches in the game. These items can be used by any heroes.

Town Portal Scroll

Town Portal Scroll

The Town Portal Scroll is a must-bring item you should always have in your inventory if you don’t own a pair of Travel Boots. It is a handy item to use to teleport you to a target-friendly building within a matter of seconds. Use it during the early game for backing up your allies on sudden ganks.

Blink Dagger

blink dagger

The Blink Dagger is the most used item in the game. From pros to newbies, these items have helped many to turn the tides of the game. The item works by teleporting you to a target point up to 1200 units away. If damaged is taken from an enemy unit, the Blank Dagger will not work for 3 seconds.

Observer Ward


Observer ward is an essential item support heroes must always bring. This item is used to give you a vision of the surrounding area where it’s planted for about 6 minutes. This half-sentient plant is an item you can use to navigate the map and use it for hunting unknowing enemies roaming around

Dust of Appearance


Dust of Appearance is a starting item to have if you don’t have a Gem of True Sight in your inventory. It reveals any invisible enemies, which makes it an effective item to counter heroes such as Bounty Hunter, Weaver, Broodmother, and Rikimaru.

Magic Stick


The Magic Stick can instantly restore your health and mana when clicked. The mana and health it restores depend on the number of charges it stored. Heroes who usually use this are Pudge, Lion, OmniKnight, Rikimaru, and Ogre Magi.



The Tango is a life-saver during the early game. It lets you consume a tree or ward to gradually restore your health. It comes with four changes and can be used on an ally provided that you give them one Tango. It is an essential item to survive on the battlefield.



Clarity, on the other hand, restores mana over time. You can also use this item to an ally. If you think that only intelligence-type Heroes use this item well, think again, because according to, strength-type heroes like Pudge, Phantom Assassin, Sven, and Juggernaut uses it as well.

DotA 2 is an online MOBA game you can download on Steam. It is available for Microsoft Window gaming computers.

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