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The New Inferno


Photo Credit: Valve

The recently revamped Inferno, code-named Infernew by the community, has seen an overhaul of the entire map by Valve. In general, the map has been made more spacious and brighter as a whole when compared to the older version of the map. Both bombsites and apartments have seen major changes, while the other parts of the map has seen minor tweaks.

Bombsite A


Photo Credit: /u/azkTheFrenchStar Reddit

The biggest change to Bombsite A is the removal of the roof covering the bombsite itself. This allows the site to be well-lit instead of the darker bombsite of the previous version. This greatly improves visibility and allows attacking Terrorists and retaking Counter-Terrorists a better time of spotting enemies hidden behind cover. Pit has also been tweaked to become much easier to clear out instead of the overpowered position it use to be. The truck under the balcony has also been changed to a cart to provide less problems jumping up and moving around it.

Bombsite B


Photo Credit: /u/azkTheFrenchStar Reddit

The iconic banana pathway leading up to Bombsite B has been widened and the stone pillars that were plaguing everyone in the past have been removed. Additional changes to the site include changes to construction, minor tweaks such as closing off the gap in new box, and many of the props on the site changed. Overall, B still plays very similarly to before, but it becomes much easier for Terrorists to wrestle control of banana early on from the Counter-Terrorists.


Perhaps the biggest change of all has been done to apartments. The infamous dark room that has cause the pushing Terrorists plenty of headaches has been removed in favor of a small cubby. According to Valve, this is due to the fact that dark room was simply too strong of a position for a Counter-Terrorist, and forces the Terrorist team to waste grenades clearing it out even if someone is not there. The long hallway to balcony has also been adjusted, with the path being opened up and more lit than before. The exit also has been widened to allow the Terrorists and easier time to exit.

Other Changes

One of the other major tweaks comes in the form of an additional exit from T Spawn. Terrorists now have a choice of using this new exit to go directly to alternative middle, and this also prevents players from blocking their teammates in the old exit. Underpass has also been widened so that players can even run at certain points instead of having to crouch-walk through the entire length. Overall, Valve has been much more communicative throughout the process of making and changing Inferno and the increased attentiveness to CS:GO is a good sign for the game’s future.

To view some of the changes to the map, visit Valve’s website for Inferno.

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