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Left Alone – A Psychological-Horror Game You’ll Never Forget

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Halloween is near! And I bet most of us are already looking for horror games to keep us awake at night. Well, how about a psychological-horror game? Left Alone is an action-adventure game that features “a unique, old school, high octane atmosphere” and an interesting plot line you’ll never forget.

It is developed and published by Volumetric Games for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs. It was just released on April 28, 2016.


Left Alone tells the story of Joel Dent, an ex-military officer, and recent divorcee. One day, Joel and his friends decided to meet in the forest of Wisconsin to camp for the weekend. However, strange things happened that will lead Joel to an abandoned school with a horrible past. While searching for his friends, he will uncover the horrifying truth that lies in the dark.


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Left Alone is a psychological horror game that lets you discover clues, notes, and memories to connect the stories from the past. The game is set in multiple interiors and exterior environments at an exciting pace. Feel free to roam and explore the hiking trails, Mount High School, and the surrounding areas.

The game also features several puzzles for you to solve. The player is also required to find clues that will uncover traces of your friend’s disappearance. The game’s creepy atmosphere hides surprises and shocking moments to leave you scared and out of breath.


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The game is a real treat for horror fans. It has an impressive graphics and an original storyline that will keep you guessing until the end. The scenery and environment are all well-detailed and beautiful. It also has an excellent sound design and music that perfectly complements all the horrifying noises that will terrify you. Its cryptic puzzles will also add to the excitement to the game.

Overall, Left Alone is an excellent game that you should try. You can buy it on Steam for $6.99.

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