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Don’t Starve – A Survival Game Full of Magic and Science

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If you’re a fan of Tim Burton and his animated films, then Don’t Starve is a survival game you must try. Don’t Starve is an indie survival game set in a random-generated open world filled with magic and science. The game was developed by the Canadian indie company Klei Entertainment and was first released on April 23, 2013, for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS gaming computers.

According to its developers, the game was mainly influenced by Minecraft and Tim Burton.


Don’t Starve follows the story of Wilson, a brave scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported into an unknown world. In this dark and wild world, Wilson must do his best to survive as long as possible.

It all started as he was doing his Chemistry experiment when all of a sudden, his radio spoke to him and encouraged him to create a mysterious machine. Eager to prove himself, Wilson built the machine using several tools including a typewriter, white rats, and his own blood. When he was done, the entity told him to pull the engine switch. But when he did, a pair of ghostly arms grabbed him and whisked him into a different world.

Stuck and alone, Wilson must find a way to come back home while trying to survive in this dreary world filled with dangers, surprises, and strange creatures.


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Like it was stated earlier, the game’s goal is to survive as long as possible. The player must keep Wilson’s character healthy, fed, and mentally stable by avoiding or defeating a variety of supernatural creatures that will try to kill him.

Similar to other survival games, Don’t Starve features a day/night cycle that affects the overall gameplay. During the day, the player must spend most of the time exploring the world, gathering foods, supplies, and avoiding monster. At nighttime, the player must stay near a light source to prevent any night monsters from attacking. While trying to survive, the player must pay attention to the character’s health, hunger and mental stability. Not doing so can cause the death of the character. And in this game, death is permanent.

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Since its release, Don’t Starve continues to receive favorable reviews from players and award-giving bodies. It was critically acclaimed for its dark and gothic cartoonish art style that greatly resembles Tim Burton’s works.  Currently, the game is one of the best-selling indie survival games on Steam. You can download it at

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