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CyberPowerPC Partners with Oculus Rift


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Join the new generation of gamers and delve into the world of virtual reality with Oculus Rift. Oculus Rift has been one of the pioneers of VR technology and equipment. Their Oculus Rift headset is one of the best VR headsets currently in the market and provides customers with the ability to experience a whole new world of gaming. We’ve partnered with Oculus Rift to combine our VR ready PCs with their VR headsets to give gamers the complete set of equipment to start their VR gaming immediately.

We’ve provided a special page on our website for Oculus related information and Oculus ready systems. Our Oculus ready systems are optimized for Oculus Rift use and are generally more powerful than a regular system. The Oculus typically requires 3 times the rendering power of a regular 1080p game and puts a greater strain on the system. As a result, we test all of our Oculus ready machines using a 100 point certification test over a two week period to make sure they are suitable for VR gaming. In addition, several systems are part of the Amazon’s Choice program, which helps customers find the perfect system for themselves.

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