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Battlerite Might be the Next Smash-Hit MOBA

For players of DotA 2 and League of Legends, there’s a new MOBA game that’s beginning to draw attention online. Battlerite is an “action-packed” team arena brawler game that focuses on a PvP competitive combat.

The game allows each player to take part into a 2v2 or 3v3 battle by controlling one of the several champions. Each of these champions features different abilities you can use to your team’s advantage. Currently, Battlerite features 15 champions available in the game. Let’s check them out:

Ashka – The Molten Fury

Ashka is a mysterious masked creature known for his dark sorcery and pyrokinesis.

Bakko – Hero of Boulder Pass

Bakko is a heroic brawler armed with his battle axe and shield, who can create earth-shattering dash attacks.

Croak – The Ranid Assassin

Croak has chameleonic stealth and sharp movements that make him exceptionally hard to catch.

Freya – The Eye of the Storm

Freya is fearless contender armed with giant hammers and the power of lightning.

Iva – The Scavenging Inventor

Iva is an engineer known for her arsenal of weapons that can destroy anything in her path.

Jade – The Lone Gunner

Jade is a lethal sniper with pinpoint accuracy that poses a grave threat to any enemy who enters the arena.

Lucie – The Expelled Alchemist

Lucie knows the exact concoction she needs to heal his allies or to make her enemies flee.

Oldur – The Time Mender

Oldur is another mysterious creature that has the power to bend time and space.

Pearl – The Ocean Sage

Pearl is a powerful sage that can control oceans and whatever creatures that lurk in the deep.

Poloma – The Psychopomp

Poloma is a shaman that uses her power to call spirits to protect and fight for her alongside with her pet, Toki.

Shifu – The Spear

Shifu is a Ni’ Shu martial artist and a true master of the spear.

Sirius – The Zenith

Sirius is a prodigy who can use the energy of stars and planet to destroy or heal.

Taya – The Wind of the West

Taya is a swift hunter capable of deadly speed and precision.

Varesh – The Eternal

Varesh is a being formed by energy. He uses this power to weaken and disrupt his enemies.

Rook – The Hungering Berserker

Rook is a mighty chieftain who is known for her gluttonous thirst for blood.

Battlerite is top down brawling in its purest form, where it doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran or a rookie. In this game, all champions have the same fighting chance. Master champions and think of strategies, but remember that when it comes to brawling, “offense is the best defense.” The game will test your skill-shots, timing, and reaction.

The game is now available for Microsoft Windows gaming PCs. You can download the game on Steam at You can also check out its official website,, for more information.

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