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The Best Music Videos from League of Legends

league of legends music videos

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If there is another thing I love about League of Legends besides the game itself, it is the music they create. For years, they have been collaborating with different artists and has produced several soundtracks and music. Let’s check some of the best:

Ignite – Zedd

Ignite is a creative collaboration between Zed and RioT, in honor of this year’s World Championship to be held in Los Angeles. The music video features an animation that shows the unbelievable gameplay we’ve seen in the tournaments since 2012. It also shows an animated version of Faker, sitting on a throne. He then jumped off the throne, transformed himself to Ryze, and joined the rest of his team to destroy their enemy’s nexus.

The Curse of the Sad Mummy – AJ Rafael

The Curse of the Sad Mummy is sung by American-Filipino musician, AJ Rafael. The song tells the story of Amumu, The Sad Mummy. A combination of melancholic notes, enthralling storytelling, and artistic animation, this song is one of the best music videos produced by RioT. The song is part of the CD “Music of League of Legends” Volume 1 along with 14 new and classic tracks such as “Demacia Rising” and the “Tiny Masterpiece of Evil.”

Warriors – Imagine Dragons

Warriors is a song created and sung by Imagine Dragons. It is the song used by League of Legends during the World Championship 2014. The music video debuted on September 14, 2014. Similar to Ignite, the music video features an animation that tells the story of a gamer fighting his way to the top until he became one of the champions. Due to the song’s popularity, it was used as the official theme song for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Get Jinxed – Agnete Kjølsrud

Aside from Amumu, Jinx was the other champion who got her music video. She is also one of the few champions that were well-promoted before their actual release. “Get Jinxed” features a cinematic story of Jinx bringing chaos to Piltover by using Pow-Pow, Fishbones, and other explosive devices. The song was said to be inspired by Jinx’s hedonistic personality and her vivid imagination running wild. It is sung by Agnete Kjølsrud, the main vocals of the Norwegian band, Djerv.

League of Legends is a free MOBA game you can download on your PC or gaming laptop. It is developed American video game developer, Riot, and was published by Garena.

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