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Ivern Bramblefoot: The Lore of the Green Father

Ivern Bramblefoot, League of Legends New Champion

It all started when League of Legend’s uploaded a teaser video on their official Facebook account. The video showed a mysterious treant protecting a pack of sleeping cubs from a hunter. Days after its released, Ivern Bramblefoot was introduced through the blog site,

So who is Ivern Bramblefoot? Ivern is described as a “peculiar half-man and half-tree” who wanders around the forest of Runeterra. But Ivern wasn’t always a “treant,” he used to be a fierce warrior who was called “Ivern the Cruel.” He was one of the brave ones who challenged the Iceborn and sailed with his men to Ionia to defeat and overthrow these magical humanoids. However, it was in his battle with Ionia’s chimeric beings where he came face to face with the God-Willow tree, dripping with long gossamer leaves that sparkled with golden-green light. Seeking to shatter the resolve of his enemies, Ivern took his battle-axe and swung at the tree. A blinding light exploded out from the tree as it died out, but it was the next thing that happened that scared Ivern.

His hands fused with his battle-axe and God-Willow’s hardwood limb. His limbs grew and became rough to touch. He stood helpless as he watches himself become one with the magical tree. When the transformation was done, he heard a voice deep within him and commanded him to watch.

In seconds, he watched as the decaying bodies rotted into fertile soil, and from them, seeds sprouted and turned into trees. Rooted to ground, he continued observing the life around him, growing and cultivating on its own. Slowly, he realized that he was becoming one with the God-Willow tree.

Centuries passed until he became one with nature, promising that never will he destroy anything that lives. When he finally learned to move, he exactly knew his purpose, and that was to help the world grow. He rescued creatures and protect anything that breathes including a stone golem, who he grew fond of and named Daisy.

There were times he would encounter humans, who called him Bramblefoot or The Green Father. They told stories of his strange benevolence. Till this day, Bramblefoot continues to roam around the world, knowing that he needs to cultivate humanity with the belief that “all life is precious.”

Ivern is now available in PBE, so make sure to update the League of Legends program in your gaming PC. You can buy Ivern for 975 RP or 7800 IP. To know more about Ivern, his skills, and gameplay, you can visit his official page at

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