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The Most Interesting Mythological Figures to Play on Smite

Smite is a third-person MOBA game that’s becoming increasingly popular. It was released on 2014 by Hi-Rez Studios for Microsoft Windows computers and gaming laptops, PlayStation 4, and XBox One. But what makes Smite an exciting game compare to other MOBA games is that instead of featuring champions and heroes, the game offers players a diverse selection of mythological figures to control.

And amidst these mythological figures are a few with unique lore and interesting designs that stand out. Let’s meet some of them:

Izanami, Matron of Dead

Izanami is a Japanese mythological figure, who died giving birth to the god of fire. In her Smite lore, it was said that her husband, Izanagi, traveled to the underworld to redeem her soul. However, upon seeing his wife as a rotting corpse and no longer the beautiful lady she knew, Izanagi broke his vow and fled. Betrayed, Izanagi swore that she would take one thousand lives each day to pay for the broken promise he has made.

Scylla, Horror of the Deep

Scylla, in Greek mythology, is a monster that lived in the deep sea. She was described as a monster with enormous black tentacles with hound heads. But what people fear the most about Scylla is her child-like laugh as she murdered men and dragged them into the abyss. In Smite, Scylla is revealed as a young girl hiding her true form and her dog-headed tentacles. And she has come ashore to terrorize humankind.

Ratatoskr, the Sly Messenger

Ratatoskr is a mythological figure in Old Norse that was described as a squirrel who runs up and down Yggdrasil to carry messages. In Smite, the developers didn’t change the classic perception of Ratatoskr and introduced him to the game as a squirrel. A first in the game, Ratatoskr has come to Smite to prove that he is more than just an errand boy.

Thanatos, Hand of Death

Thanatos is known in Greek mythology as the personification of death. With the use of his scythe, he ends the lives of mortal and brings their souls to the underworld. But in Smite, as another war starts among gods and goddesses, Thanatos enters the battlefield with one mission, and that is to find out if a god can truly die.

Cupid, God of Love

Known as the god of love and son of Aphrodite, Cupid is a Greek mythological figure associated with desire, affection, and attraction. With the use of his magical bow and arrow, Cupid can make anyone fall in love with the next thing they see. In Smite, Cupid is depicted as the cute chubby cherubim popularized during the Hellenistic period, which makes him a rather interesting figure to play.

Serqet, Goddess of Venom

Serqet is an Egyptian goddess of fertility and nature.  She is the deification of the scorpion. In Smite, Serqet is introduced as the goddess of venom and can control poison of any kind. Although her sting can cause death, she is not a deity of retribution but guardianship. But in Smite, the gods are faced with a goddess that will sting them to death if pushed too far.

Skadi, Goddess of Winter

Skadi is a mythological figure in Norse mythology, known as the daughter of the Jotun Thjazir. What makes her unique is that she is the only Jotun allowed to be a goddess through her marriage to the god of summer, Njord. In Smite, as the war starts in Pantheon, she fights alongside Odin and Loki, to protect the only family she has left.

Chang’e, Faerie of the Moon

Chang’e is popularly known as the goddess of the moon and the wife of the Hou Yi. According to the stories, a burglar tried to steal his husband’s elixir of immortality from her. Chang’e drank the elixir herself and became immortal. She was swept into the sky and since then, has lived on the moon, forbidden to see her husband.

Smite offers several more mythological figures from Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Mayan and even Hindu. Interested? Get to know more of them at

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