Fire up the Ovens Because the Chefs are Coming to the Rift!

If there is one thing League of Legends isn’t short of, it is providing their players with unique champion skins and designs. From futuristic to typical summer fun themes, we’ve seen our champions in different sorts of style and costumes. All thanks to the creative minds of Riot’s designers.

And now, four new Chef-inspired skins has come to Rift sharing Tahm Kench’s Master Chef theme. Let’s check them out:

Sashimi Akali

(750 RP)

Playing Sashimi Akali on your gaming desktop

Instead of using her two kama, Akali picks up a sushi knife and an oversized crab claw as you summon her to the rift. The skin will feature a new visual FX, showing Akali in a traditional sushi chef attire as she strikes her enemies.

Barbecue Leona

(750 RP)

Barbecue Leona

To satisfy Tahm Kench’s appetite and earn his respect, Leone will show what it takes to be the best grill master there is. Carrying her grilling fork and a charcoal grill, Leona is all dressed up as a chef to serve Tahm Kench her grilled sausages and hot dogs.

Butcher Olaf

(750 RP)

Butcher Olaf

Butcher Olaf has arrived to throw chunks of meat to his enemies and delight the hearts of any meat lovers. This new skin shows Olaf wearing a typical butcher’s attire with a string of sausages around his neck. Instead of axes, Butcher Olaf carries a steak hammer and a piece of raw T-bone meat in his hands.

Baker Pantheon

(975 RP)

Baker Pantheon

And to complete the team, Baker Pantheon is ready to serve the best cakes and bread in town. Pantheon has ditched his iron shield and spear for a butter knife and a round loaf, and has suited up to be the perfect baker for Tahm Kench’s restaurant, “An Acquired Taste.”

The skins feature new VFX and are now available to buy at League of Legend’s store through Riot points. You can also purchase all these skins, the “Culinary Combatants Set” for only 3225 RP until September 12, 2016.

League of Legends is a popular MOBA game you can download on your Microsoft Windows or OS X gaming PC. It is developed Riot Games and published by Garena.

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