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WESA announces Player Council

Representation and the Player Council


Photo Credit: WESA's Twitter

One of the biggest concerns for many esports professionals is the lack of clear representation, laws, and rulings in the legal aspects of their life. There have been many stories of players being taken advantage of by their organizations, other players, tournament officials, and more. A lot of this stems from a lack of a player union for players to stand up for themselves. As of now, many players are relying on faith or the goodwill of their organizations and tournaments to pay them on time and fulfill their obligations.

The recently controversial creation of WESA has recently announced that they would have a Player Council in their association to give professional players a voice. WESA was originally created between several of the largest CS:GO organizations who act as a united front. Their decisions was originally made only by a board of members, but including the Players Council allows players to voice their own opinions and suggestions.

Each of the participating members of WESA were allowed to select one representative. G2 Esports chose their manager, Jérôme “NiaK” Sudries, Natus Vincere chose their coach, Sergey “starix” Ischuk, and fnatic also selected their coach, Viktor “vuggo” Jendeby.  The rest of the teams chose players to represent them. Mousesports selected chrisJ, Ninjas in Pyjamas chose friberg, picked TaZ, and EnVyUs nominated NBK.

Vuggo is the Chairman


Photo Credit: Esport Aftonbladet Se

In addition, vuggo from Fnatic was selected as the WESA’s Player Council Chairman and will oversee the council. He will provide the players with information and insights to help them make their decisions on different matters.

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