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Vanishing Realms, a Unique RPG Designed for Virtual Reality

With Oculus Rift and HTC Vive’s invention came the new opportunity for gamers to experience a whole new level of gaming. Introducing the world of virtual reality, these headgears along with the use of hands-on controllers let us gamers play 3D games and virtually interact with the environment provided by a game. These led developers to create virtual reality games for players to enjoy. One of these games is Vanishing Realms.

Vanishing Realms is a virtual reality adventure RPG game developed by Indimo Labs. Let’s check it out:

Vanishing Realms Cover


Video Source: Polygon Official Youtube Channel

Explore the virtual world of Vanishing Realms and fight life-sized monsters in epic face-to-face melee and magical combat.  Discover its mystic domains, seek lost artifacts, wield sorcery, and take on a horde of undead foes in the land of the Undead Realm.



Since Vanishing Realms is a virtual reality game, you need to physically move for your character to perform actions such as swing, duck, and block. The game requires you to use one-to-one motion controls and movement so you can be fully in control of a character.

Vanishing Realms provides gamers with a new immersive experience made possible through Virtual Reality gears and hand-held tracked controllers. The game lets you interact directly and move freely through its fantasy world.

Review – Conclusion

Vanishing Realms had received positive reviews since its release five months ago. Forbes mentioned the game as “a battle with weight, with tactics, and honestly with a bit of fear.” Polygon, on the other hand, said that the game was “exhilarating” and will make you feel like a real hero every time you win in combat.

Vanishing Realms offers something new for RPG players, and that is to let them experience what it feels like to be inside the game. Players can battle life-sized monsters and see them right in front of their very own eyes, and fight them. The game lets you explore freely and interact directly with your surroundings, introducing you to a whole new fantasy world of monsters and magical realms.

The game is available for Microsoft Windows 7 gaming computers.

Explore and discover the virtual world of Vanishing Realms!

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