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Team EnVyUs Wins 2016 Call of Duty World League Championships


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After an exciting weekend of games, Team EnVyUs emerged victorious to claim the $800,000 first place prize. The tournament was filled with numerous upsets and closely contested games between many of the teams. Surprisingly, two of the favorites for the tournament, OpTic Gaming and FaZe Clan, losing early on. OpTic lost their first match against nV and dropped a close series to Cloud9 while FaZe lost against nV in the second round and were eliminated by Splyce in the lower bracket.

Groups and Early Bracket Stage

Team EnVyUs’ path to the finals was not easy in any sense. They managed to top Group G, but had a struggle against Cloud9, barely defeating them 3-2. Due to OpTic’s surprisingly loss to Complexity Gaming in the group stages, two teams that could have potentially have met in the finals, were pitted against each other in the first round of the knockout stage. EnVyUs triumphed 3-1 over their fellow North Americans to advance to play against FaZe in the second match. FaZe vs nV was another potential grand finals matchup, so it was unfortunate that the bracket pairing put them against each other in the second round. Their third match was against FAB Games in the quarterfinals and they cleaned up their opponents with a 3-1 map score.

Winner’s Finals

EnVyUs’ opponents for the winner’s finals was Team eLevate with the first map being Hardpoint. The hardpoint game mode uses one capture point on the map that a team must control for 250 seconds or more time than their opponents to win. EnVyUs showed their domination in this game mode by obliterating eLevate with a score of 250-100 on the first map. The second map was Search and Destroy, the bread and butter of all of the Call of Duty games. Similar to CS:GO, the attacking team has to kill all the enemies or have the bomb explode to win the round whereas the defending team wins if they kill all their enemies, defuse the bomb, or use up all the time. Elevate won the second map 6-3 to even up the series. The third map was Uplink where teams have to throw or dunk a ball into their opponent’s goal. Elevate also won the map in narrow fashion, 11-10, to take the lead in the series. However, Game 4’s Capture the Flag and Game 5’s Search and Destroy all went in nV’s favor comfortably for them to win the match and send eLevate to the loser’s bracket.

Grand Finals


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In the loser’s finals, eLevate played against the European team, Splyce. Splyce went into the series, red-hot, and won easily, 3-0, over the North Americans to join nV in the grand finals. In the first map, Splyce pulled off a huge comeback in Hardpoint to win the map 250-196. At one point they were down about 100 or so points before inititating their comeback. Map 2 and 3 was cleanup work for the American side of nV as they stormed through with a 6-2 score on S&D and took Uplink on the map, Evac, 13-10. Map 4 was a Capture the Flag game and nV quickly stormed ahead to a 2-0 lead. The third and fourth flag captures put the nail in the coffin and despite a last minute push by Splyce, nV took the map easily 4-2. Congratulations to the nV players, Slasher, John, Apathy, and Jkap for winning the 2016 Call of Duty World League Championships and for taking home $200,000 each.

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