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Layers of Fear: Face Your Fear to Complete the Painting

Playing Layers of Fear on your gaming PC

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If you’re looking for a story-focused, psychedelic horror game like The Park and Year Walk, then Layers of the Fear is the game to try. Described by GamesRadar as “one of the best horror games ever made,” Layers of Fear is a visual horror game with a lot of jump scares and surprises to keep you awake at night.

The game is developed Bloober Team and is published by Aspyr Media, Inc.


Layers of Fear follows the story of a painter, who has returned to his mansion to complete his Magnum Opus. Once a talented artist, he slowly succumbed into insanity after his wife killed herself.  Now, he’s back to where it all started. Delve deep into his mind and discover the secrets of his madness. Explore the vast and ever-changing Victorian-era mansion as he uncovers the grotesque truth behind the masterpiece his trying to complete.


Layers of Fear - Gameplay

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The player takes control of a painter, and you must help him complete his initial goal. That goal is to finish painting his masterpiece. To accomplish this task, you must solve puzzles and attain six various items to complete the painting. As you finish the painting, words will appear and explain the secrets of the painter and his painting. You must also remember that although the house seems to appear normal, it changes as you explore to show flashbacks or for you to be able to find any visual clue.

Review – Conclusion

Layers of Fear - Review

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By far, Layers of Fear has received favorable reviews from popular gaming review sites such as MetaCritic, Hardcore Gamer, and IGN. This psychedelic horror game offers players a story-focused exploration in a Victorian gothic setting that adds to its ominous plotline. The best part of the game is it offers multiple endings, depending on which path you have taken and items you have collected.

Another notable feature the game has is its constantly changing environment, playing out the right elements for its jump scares. It also combines numerous classic and original art and music together to bring its story to life. The game is perfect for players who is a big fan of psychedelic horror stories like Amnesia, Silent Hill, and the Park.

Layers of Fear is available for Microsoft Windows gaming PC and laptops. You can download the game at

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