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5 Early Access Survival Game Download on Steam

Early access games are alpha versions of incomplete games that are still in the process of development. Although many deem these games as imperfect and full of bugs, there are plenty of early access games that are good and have received favorable reviews from popular gaming sites. Here are some of them:

The Forest

Playing The Forest

An open world survival horror game, The Forest lets you control the lone survivor of a passenger jet crash. He then finds himself in the middle of a mysterious forest filled with cannibalistic mutants. Build, explore and survive this terrifying open world.


Playing Rust

The main goal of Rust is to do whatever it takes to survive. But surviving in the world of Rust isn’t as easy as it seems, because aside from protecting yourself from the forces of nature, you must also protect yourself from other players who will kill you for meat. Overcome struggles and learn to survive by building alliances.

ARK: Survival Evolved

Playing Ark: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved introduces a unique ecosystem for players to explore, tame and breed wild dinosaurs.  You play either as a man or a woman who finds himself/herself stranded and all alone on the shores of a mysterious island. To survive the harsh environment, you must learn to hunt, build your shelter, craft items, and use resources to tame and breed the prehistoric creatures roaming the island.

7 Days to Die

Playing 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die offers a combination of first-person shooter, survival horror, and tower defense gameplay. In a post-apocalyptic world, the player must be able to learn how to build fortress, craft and repair weapons, and survive a harsh environment filled with flesh-eating zombies.


Playing DayZ

DayZ introduces a gritty and authentic open world horror-survival game. Survive in a harsh world left devastated by an unknown infection which has almost wiped out the most of the world’s population. Go solo or team up with friends to fight the hostile environment.

All these games are available on Steam for Microsoft Windows gaming computers and laptops.

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