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Home » Game Review: Fossil Echo, A Wordless and Mysterious Story

Game Review: Fossil Echo, A Wordless and Mysterious Story

Playing Fossil Echo

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Imagine an Oddworld series mixed with Shadow of the Colossus and a pinch of Studio Ghibli films. That’s how Fossil Echo was made.  Developed and published by Awaceb, Fossil Echo follows the story of a boy’s wordless journey as he climbs a mysterious ancient tower in the middle of the sea.

The game features a short and challenging story set in a fantasy world created by hand-drawn 2D graphics. After being released last July 9, Fossil Echo has already received several awards including Indie Games Play 6 “Game Of The Show” and Evry Games City 2 “Best Visuals”.


Fossil Echo tells the story of a little boy and his journey as he climbs a mysterious giant tower stretching above the clouds. As you go on to the journey, you’ll be able to know the reason how he got there in the first place and why he must reach the top.

According to its developers, the story was influenced by a series of video games and animated films including Oddworld, Shadow of Colossus, Ico, and Hayao Miyazaki’s films.


Playing Fossil Echo on a Gaming PC

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The game features a “die and retry” platform mixed with some stealth elements. Similar to Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, the player must have precise movement and timing to get through several obstacles. The player must also do what he can to avoid confrontations for the boy to survive and be able to ascend all the way to the top.

Review – Conclusion

Playing Fossil Echo's Main Character

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Fossil Echo is an indie game that offers players a unique and wordless story-driven story, with challenging obstacles and an interesting plotline. But the best thing about the game is its impressive hand drawn graphics that delivers excellent scenarios and visually-appealing animations. It’s breathtaking visuals are supported by its unique and beautiful soundtracks.

The game offers a fun game with an efficient level design. Although it appears to be a rather comfortable game, Fossil Echo has a dynamic and demanding platforming gameplay with well-hidden secret levels and unlockables.

Fossil Echo is perfect for gamers who are looking for a game with a beautiful art style and an interesting story to explore. You can download Fossil Echo on your gaming PC via Steam at

Are you ready for this journey?

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