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SKT World Championship Skins Now Available

SKT 2015 League of Legends Skins

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Last August 18, RioT has finally released the six new SKT skins to commemorate them as Season 5’s League of Legends World Championship winners. Each SKT T1 Team members Wolf, Bang, Easyhoon, Faker, bengi, and MaRin, has selected one champion to have an SKT skin.

Here are the champions they have chosen:

SKT 2015 Champion Skins

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  • SKT T1 Alistar
  • SKT T1 Ryze
  • SKT T1 Renekton
  • SKT T1 Elise
  • SKT T1 Azir
  • SKT T1 Kalista

The new SKT skins are available for 935 RP each until September 1. You can also get them all by availing the SKT T1 Team Set that comes with an SKT T1 ward for a total of 5851 RP.

Let’s take a look at the skin previews of the six new SKT skins:

SKT T1 Alistar

SKT T1 Wolf has chosen Alistair for the new SKT skin. Wolf is best known for playing as Bang’s support and has shown immense skills during their H2K battle while using Alistair as his champion. Remember, how he successfully ganked H2K Hjarnan’s Jinx inside the enemy’s turret and secured the kill for Bang with the help of Bengi.

SKT T1 Ryze

Ryze, was, of course, chosen by no other than SKT T1 Faker. Faker is known as one of the best League of Legend players in history. He is best known for playing mid lane, and choosing AP champions like Lulu, Ezreal, LeBlanc, and Ryze. One of the most unforgettable moments during the World Championship 2015 was when he quickly killed EDG Pawn using Ryze’s continuous burst of spells.

SKT T1 Renekton

As SKT T1 top lane player, MaRin has chosen Renekton. MaRin is known for his aggressive and carry playstyle in the top lane, which he clearly showed during SKT’s battle with EDG. Using Renekton as his champion, SKT T1 MaRin has easily outplayed EDG Amazing J’s take on Darius.

SKT T1 Elise

Bengi favorite picks are Jarvan IV and Nunu. But during last year’s World Championship, he caught the attention of many with his smooth Elise gameplay. Remember, the time how he surprised Amazing J’s Gnar on the top lane and securing the first blood with the help of MaRin’s aggressive gameplay.

SKT T1 Azir

Easyhoon is a popular Mid Laner and has played on several teams aside from SK Telecom T1. He is best known for his Lulu and Xerath gameplays. But on 2015, he showed his immense skills by playing Azir. No one can forget how he secured the kill after OG Amazing’s Evelyn managed to flash and almost escape his and Wolf’s gank during the Semi-Finals battle. Surprisingly, Easyhoon delivered the final strike on the unknowing Evelyn by using Azir’s first skill.

SKT T1 Kalista

SKT T1 AD Carry Bang chose Kalista to have the SKT skin, considered that he’s undefeated on this champion. Aside from that, he has the highest KDA after the group stage of the 2015 World Championship. Together with SKT T1 Wolf, Bang is an unstoppable force in the bot lane.

League of Legends is currently one of the most popular MOBA on gaming PC. This year’s World Championship will start on September 29 to October 29.

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