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We Happy Few – Delusions or Death

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If you’re a big fan of The Purge, then you’ll surely love this new game from Compulsion Games. We Happy Few is an action, adventure game that introduces a drug-fuelled, retrofuturistic city. The game combines RPG, survival, and roguelike elements that earned its unique and creepy environment. The goal of the game is to blend it with the city’s inhabitants who are all overdosed on a hallucinogenic drug called “Joy.”

we happy few gaming for gaming computer

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The game lets you take control one of the three characters dubbed as “Downers” after withdrawing from Joy. You must try to survive in this delusional society, complete your mission, and try to escape the city before its society collapse.

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We Happy Few takes place in October 1964 within an alternate timeline. After World War II when Germany had successfully invaded Great Britain, except for the fictional island where Wellington Wells city is. Although ravaged by war, the city is rebuilt by delusionally happy people under the influence of the hallucinogenic drug, “Joy”. Its inhabitants are known as “Wellies,” characterized by the white masks painted on their faces. And if that isn’t weird enough, the city also has an omnipresent television personality known as Uncle Jack. But unknown to its residents, Wellington Wells is on the brink of destruction. Your primary goal is to discover the truth behind the history of this strange city and how it became to be.

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The game is about surviving in this delusional world. To do this, you must learn how to act like the “Wellies” and hide in plain sight. Learn how to be stealth and practice conformity if you want to survive long enough. Find out how to be stealth and practice conformity if you want to survive long enough.

We Happy Few is a procedurally generated world which means that everyone’s experience will be unique. It offers three modes including Sandbox, story, and Wellie mode. The game is available on Steam for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux gaming computers.

Interested? Check out these trailers of “We Happy Few”:

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