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The Truth Behind Overwatch

One couldn’t deny the fact that Overwatch is becoming one of the most popular multiplayer games online. And like other games, Overwatch offers a deep lore to its players, which introduces a vast world filled with interesting stories and hidden secrets. That’s why we decided to come up with a short story to summarized Overwatch origins.

The history of Overwatch all began 30 years ago and started with the creation of Omnics. These Omnics are robots with artificial intelligence, built by humans to serve the economy. The first Omnics were forged in A.I. controlled factories known as Omniums. For a while, things were good, and Omnics became a part of everyday life. Until one day, Omnics were infected by the God Programs, turning them against humans. Governments across the world took actions and started a worldwide war against these robots.

As a final resort, the United Stations decided to form an elite strike team. This team was tasked to shut down the Omniums and put an end to the crisis. Overwatch was formed. The strike team consisted of only five members: Reinhardt of Germany, a highly decorated soldier equipped with Crusader armor. Torbjörn of Sweden, a weapon design specialist and genius engineer. Ana Amari, an Egyptian elite sniper. And lastly, Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes from the American enhanced soldier program.

Reyes was the appointed leader, but it was Morrison who held the team together and turned them into a force to be reckoned. And with this force, Overwatch won the war and restored peace to the world. Overwatch rose to prominence and became better funded. Morrison was promoted to Strike Commander, and Reyes was put aside to lead the Blackwatch, the covert team of Overwatch. The thing that started the conflict between Reyes and Morrison.

Overwatch expanded and welcomed talented fighters, scientists, and doctors into their organization. There was Dr. Angela Ziegler, a renowned doctor from Switzerland. Genji Shimada, a skilled swordsman, brought to life by Overwatch in a cyborg body. Winston, a genius, genetically-engineered gorilla who became one of Overwatch best scientists. And Lena Oxton, an English adventurer helped by Winston.

Overtime, Reyes began to resent Morrison, and their tension became more pronounced as the time went on. Meanwhile, problems around the world involving terrorists and Omnics started to arise. And with peace crumbling around, Overwatch became the target of allegations. It was then that the United Nations decided to start an investigation. But before the events could take place, Reyes launched an attack on Morrison at Overwatch Swiss Headquarters. But as Morrison fought Reyes, a massive explosion destroyed the base. The United Nations claimed it was an accident and presumed that Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes died. The blast caused an end to the organization, and its heroes went to their ways. Some became mercenaries, and others continued to fight for a good cause. While there were others like Winston, who waited for the day that the world will once again need their help.

Unbeknownst to the world, Morrison and Reyes survived the explosion. Morrison took the guise of the vigilante known as Soldier:76. While Reyes was reborn as Reaper, who hunts former Overwatch agents across the globe.

With the world disarray, Winston decided to contact the former Overwatch agents and begin again.

Overwatch is available for Windows gaming computers, Xbox One, and PS4.

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