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New Champion Released: Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier

A few days ago, League of Legends gave us a sneak peek of their latest champion, Kled. And today, we’re finally given the full details of his skill kit. As it turns out, Kled’s abilities revolve around him and his adorable looking mount, Skaarl. Here are the full details of his kit:


PASSIVE: Skaarl, The Cowardly Lizard

Kled’s mount, Skaarl, has his own health bar. He takes the damage in Kled’s place when the yordle rides him. Any bonus health that Kled picks up through his items, runes and masteries automatically apply to Skaarl. When Skaarl’s life bar is whistle back to zero, the lizard will run for the hills, leaving Kled alone.

When fighting solo, Kled’s abilities automatically changes. He also gains movement speed when heading toward enemy champions. The yordle can restore Skaarl’s courage and bring him back to the lane by attacking towers, champions, or monsters.

Q (Mounted): Beartrap on a Rope

When mounted on Skaarl, Kled throws a bear trap tied to a piece of rope. It deals damage to all enemies it passes through and attaches to the first enemy champion it hits. If Kled sticks close to the struct target, he reels in the rope and pulls his target towards him, slowing the enemy and dealing damage.

Q (UnMount): Pocket Pistol

When fighting alone, Kled fires his gun and blasts a wad of bullets in a target direction, knocking himself backward in the same process.

W (Passive): Violent Tendencies

The yordle’s basic attacks cause him to frenzy, granting attack speed to his next four basic attacks. His fourth blow deals bonus damage.

E (Mounted Only): Jousting

While mounted to Skaarl, Kled can dash toward a targeted area, dealing damage to enemies in their path while gaining a burst of movement speed. You can reactivate the skill if the duo hits a champion, allowing them to dash back through the struck target, again dealing damage.

R (Mounted Only): CHAAAAAAAARGE!!!

Skaarl rolls into a ball and charges towards a targeted location, boosting the duo’s movement speed and allies near them. Once the roll is over, Skaarl will ram into the nearest enemy he runs into, dealing immense damage.

Unlike other champions, RioT didn’t specify what lane Kled belongs in. Although, they did mention that Kled works best as a skirmisher once the laning phase ends. Pro gamers speculated that with his natural tankiness combined with his initiation skills such as his ultimate and Q, Kled could work as a top laner or jungler. But we can never tell. Who knows he may end up as bottom lane? All we have to do is to wait for his PBE release.

Kled, the Cantankerous Cavalier, is the latest character to add up in League of Legends roster of champions. League is a popular MOBA game from RioT for Windows and OS X gaming computers.


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