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PROJECT Ashe, Ekko, and Katarina Descends on the Rift

As teased in RioT’s PROJECT: DISRUPTION page, the new PROJECT Skins for Katarina, Ashe, and Ekko are now on PBE. PROJECT Ekko and Katarina will cost 1350 RP, while PROJECT Ashe is said to cost 1820 RP.



1820 RP

PROJECT: Ashe symbolizes the word to “UNITY.” The page shows a prototype image of a bow and the words “In Unity We Find Humanity”. As seen in her skin’s teaser, PROJECT: Ashe particles look amazing, featuring the tech-inspired particles of the PROJECT line combined with the blue elements of Annie’s Hextech skin. Her hood can also toggles on and off when she’s around 2400 units from friendly turrets or your base. However, you can’t control it, and the effect works similar to Nighthunter Rengar. And did I mention how cool her futuristic bow looks? It even turns into a disco-radio device every time Ashe dances.



1350 RP

PROJECT: Ekko, on the other hand, symbolizes the word “Freedom” given the VO references to “kid” & “time.” The skin includes a new futuristic armor for Ekko and features movement particles that emit bright emerald phosphorescence. And when he recalls, the skin even emits a Matrix-style effect.

PROJECT - Katarina

PROJECT: Katarina

1350 RP

Lastly, Katarina embodies the word “Sinister” in the PROJECT: DISRUPTION page. The skin features magenta emissions, while her combat and movement particles utilize the light gradient amplification of her skin’s effects. It has new action set that features enhanced recall and spawn.

The PROJECT: DISRUPTION page also features the previous six PROJECT skins. All you need to do is type the specific words that describe the champion:

● Challenge – Fiora
● Harmony – Master Yi
● Power – Zed
● Protection – Leona
● Truth – Yasuo
● Vengeance – Lucian

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