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RioT Teases New League of Legends Champion, Kled

Kled teased by RioT

For the past weeks, Riot has been putting strange posters in the LCS Studios and other-LOL related locations. The posters show the picture of a strange-looking creature who somehow resembles a dragon of some sort. It led many players to wonder if it was a teaser for the new champion.

Before this, there was the 6.14 PBE update where a few mysterious files labeled “Something in Brush” was added. The update week is an in-game teaser that shows causes the inner turret brush on either side of the map to stir when a champion passes. At first, many speculated that the teaser might have something to do with Kindred or Tamn Kench. But finally after weeks of speculation, Riot finally released a teaser about the next champion on the EU LCS stream last Thursday.

Kled, part of yordle clan

Photo Source: Twitter post by @Travis Gafford

His name is Kled, and his features points us to the fact that he is part of Yordle clan. The weird thing though is he looks like a mini version of Rengar in Gangplank’s costume.

Oh, and I completely forgot the fact that he mounts this creature from the poster which looks like Toothless!

Check out the teaser to see for yourself:

In the video, Kled is seen with his mount whose name is Skaarl, battle through an army of Noxian soldiers to reunite with each other. At the end, Kled is seen holding a gun and a spear that strikingly resembles Nocturne’s arms, while mounting Skaarl in all his glory.

Harrow gameplay designer of kled

No further information was revealed, but confirmed that Harrow is the gameplay designer for Kled. Although this is the case, we can all expect a full reveal within the next couple of days.

League of Legends is a popular MOBA game released for Windows/OS X PC and gaming laptop. It was released on 2009 and has attracted 67 million players worldwide.

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