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5 Popular Myths About Gaming Laptop BUSTED!

5 Popular Myths About Gaming Laptop

Myths exist everywhere. The world of technology isn’t safe from them too, a lot of tech myths circulate online. But you must remember that myths how real they may seem are not true, and they can be disproven by valid facts. That said, we’re going to bust five popular myths about gaming laptops.

● A processor with a higher core frequency is faster.

If you think that the processor core is the most important thing on a device, then you’re wrong. Whether your laptop is a quad core or an octa core, each of these works as a separate execution unit. The cores allow your laptop to run several programs alone. It has nothing to do with the speed of your laptop.

● You need an expensive video graphic card.

The most common myth online is that the you need an expensive video card to enjoy your games to the full extent. Video card affects only the graphics of the game, and not the performance.

● SSD can lead to a faster gameplay.

Installing SSD or Solid State Drive on your gaming laptop has several benefits. Yet, it can’t do anything to make your gameplay faster. It can improve the load time of the game, but not the quality of the game itself.

● 64-bit Software is faster.

Most laptops today are 64-bit but they aren’t faster than 32-bit software. They do allow some software to use more RAM to improve security, but that’s just it. Upgrading your laptop from a 32-bit to a 64-bit won’t give you a performance boost.

● You should turn off your laptop when not in use.

Laptops nowadays have cooling systems so circuits won’t overheat. Actively-cooled laptops have little fans while passively-cooled laptops have heatsinks.

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