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The Gamer Xtreme VR (Detailed)


Virtual reality has become a big gaming genre in the past few years, but the system requirements needed to run VR had to be the high end of the computer industry. With CyberPowerPC’s new Gamer Xtreme VR, gamers can now experience the world of virtual reality for an affordable cost. The system is now available on Amazon for pre-order at $719.99 under the Amazon’s Choice program. We covered a basic overview in our previous article about the Gamer Xtreme VR, but this one will go into more detail about the computer.


  • Intel i5-6402P 2.80 GHz CPU
  • AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB GPU
  • 8GB DDR4 memory
  • 1TB 7200 RPM hard drive
  • 24X DVD-RW Optical Drive
  • Bundled with a 9 Button gaming mouse, Multimedia gaming keyboard, a 802.11 AC Wi-Fi USB Adapter, and 1 year warranty

Parts and Specs Review

The primary components that determine the quality of any gaming computer are the graphics card (GPU) and central processing unit (CPU). The CPU of the Gamer Xtreme VR is made by Intel, one of the leading companies in the computer industry. The exact model of the CPU is an Intel i5-6402P 2.80 GHz, which is not a processor that can normally be found on the market. The CPU is one of the higher-end i5-processors and is perfectly capable of running both virtual reality games and regular games at a high speed.

The graphics card of the Gamer Xtreme VR is an AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB, one of the best AMD Radeon cards on the market. It is due to this, that the system is able to run virtual reality games. The 480 was one of the most anticipated GPUs released last month and can run current games smoothly on the highest graphic settings.

The system also comes with an 8GB DDR4 memory, a 1TB 7200 RPM hard drive, and a 24X DVD-RW Optical Drive to round out the computer. The hard drive itself can store hundreds of games without needing to resort to an external hard drive. The memory and optical drive are both high quality and will perform up to expectations.

The Gamer Xtreme VR comes with a bunch of free gaming gear to help you immediately start playing when the computer arrives. The tools of any computer gamer are a keyboard and mouse, and the system comes with a 9 Button gaming mouse and Multimedia gaming keyboard to help in this direction. The bundle also comes with an 802.11 AC Wi-Fi USB Adapter to help connect to the Internet as fast as possible. Added on top, CyberPowerPC provides a free 1 year warranty and unlimited lifetime technical support for customers who have purchased this computer.

Testing with Games

One of the biggest concerns for computer owners is whether or not their computer will be able to run the games they want smoothly and efficiently. We were able to test systems with similar specs to the Gamer Xtreme VR and provide an estimate of the FPS that customers will be able to receive in certain games. All the games were run with the highest settings to provide the results.

Overwatch: Overwatch is pretty demanding on a system’s graphics card and CPU due to the amount of detail and color the game contains. The AMD RX 480 was able to run at a 100 FPS average or so throughout an entire game of Overwatch, and should prove to be no problem.

CS:GO: A much less GPU and CPU demanding game, CS:GO was able to provide very good results for the AMD RX 480. The graphics card was able to run Counterstrike consistently above 200 FPS and sometimes even hit above 250.

GTA 5: The Grand Theft Auto 5 test also showed that the Gamer Xtreme VR would be able to run the game well, averaging around 60 FPS throughout. With the amount of detail in the game, 60 FPS is a good result when playing.

About Amazon Choice

The Gamer XTREME VR is part of the Amazon Choice program. Amazon Choice offers gamers and customers the best available computers to suit their needs. Whether you are looking for a lower-end work computer or a high-powered gaming computer, Amazon Choice reduces the time needed searching through the site. Each recommended computer achieves its goal by being the best in its category.

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