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5 Psychological Horror Games to Keep You Awake at Night

5 Psychological Horror Games to Keep You Awake at Night

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If you’re bored with all the action games, how about a psychological horror game to play? Here are 5 of the best psychological horror games that can scare the pants off of you!

Layers of Fear

In Layers of Fear, the player takes control of a mad painter who has returned to his studio. The game features a dark story that lets you delve inside the mind of the insane artist. Discover the secret that lies inside the Victorian-era mansion. Help him finish his Magnum Opus by finding pieces of the puzzles. And discover the horrifying truth that caused his insanity.

Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned: Criminal Origins follows the story of Serial Crimes Unit, Agent Ethan Thomas. His task is to solve the reason that turns ordinary humans into serial killers. With his sharp instincts and forensic tools, you find clues that will lead you to the killers. Survive and stay away from the dangers lurking in the dark.


Sanitarium is an old psychological horror first released on 1998. It is a point-and-click game that lets you control an amnesiac. After a car accident, the main character wakes up on an asylum with his head covered in bandages. With no memory of what happened, your goal is to solve puzzles and answer his questions. You can download it on your PC gaming console on Steam.

Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason

Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason offers a unique plotline, unlike other psychological horror games. The game story introduces us to a system called Mental Echo. It’s an ability penetrate another person’s memory. It also gives you the capacity to change the actions taken by that character in the past. The goal of the game is to save people’s lives by taking over their bodies and changing the course of history.

Manhunt 2

Manhunt 2 introduces the story of Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper. They are the two remaining surviving subjects of the Pickman Project. The game will follow Daniel Lamb, an amnesiac as he tries to gain back his memory.

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