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New Pool Party Skins on the Latest PBE Update

The newest Pool Party skins are diving into the Rift. The 6.14 PBE will feature the summer-themed skins of Fiora, Miss Fortune, and Taric. These three shares the theme with champions like Lulu, Rek’Sai, Draven, Mundo and Zac.

● Pool Party Fiora

Pool Party Fiora

Pool Party Fiora is ready to have some fun under the sun, while fencing with her pool noodle sword. Her recall features a fencing crab named “Kelly”. The new skin features a whole new model and new VFX for all abilities. It also has a new tech on her pool noodle sword that makes it wobble.

● Pool Party Miss Fortune

Pool Party Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is as chic as ever with her heart-shaped sunglasses and summer outfit. She will even pose for the perfect pool party selfie on the Rift. Her skin features a new model, recall animation, and features. It also has new SFX on spells and recalls. That said, her “Make It Rain” skill rains down coconuts instead of bullets.

● Pool Party Taric

Pool Party Taric

Taric Pool Party skin is like something out of Baywatch. It features a VFX that showcases all sort of watery splash effects. It also features incredible splash sound effects. His recall animation shows Taric take his jacket off and hops into the pool.

Riot said that these skins would be available for 1350 RP each. As of now, Pool Party Taric is the only skin available in PBE. You can update LoL on your gaming PC to check out the skin. According to its designer. The company also confirmed that these three would be the only ones released this year.


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