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League of Legends Mid-Summer Season Thoughts


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With a little more than half of the summer season finished, Worlds looms right around the corner. Quite a few things have changed since last season and MSI with the “MSI curse” taking a hold of several of the participants, while others have continued with their top performances.


Is the North American LCS really scripted? It certainly seems so as once again TSM surge seemingly out of nowhere to grab an undefeated record at 10-0 at the moment. During the winter, the team performed poorly in the regular season, but still managed to reach the finals by winning 3-0 over Immortals who were undefeated at the time too. Closely behind TSM are Immortals who have only the single series to TSM. As for CLG, who were finalists at MSI and the best team in North America after the winter season, they are sitting at a measly sixth place/seventh place, tied with Apex. If TSM and Immortals continue their dominance over NA, they will secure their spot at Worlds while the rest of the teams will have to fight it out for the remaining spot.


The story of Europe is much the same as it was the previous season. G2 remain the kings of the region with 5 wins and 5 ties while Fnatic are in second with 5 wins, 2 ties and 3 losses. H2K remain in their usual spot of third place while Splyce, FC Schalke 04 and Giants are close behind. Surprisingly, Europe’s standings could easily change with just a week of games so Worlds still remain a possibility even for the lower teams. However, G2 are clearly ahead of the pack in terms of skill and should be making it through to Worlds. The remaining spots are up in the air.


In Korea, first place is currently being shared four teams, SKT, ROX Tigers, KT Rolster, and Samsung Galaxy. The first three teams aren’t really that big of a surprise as they have consistently been at the top of Korea for the past few seasons, but Samsung has improved significantly with a relatively new lineup to be able to compete with these teams. Fifth place holds a three way tie between Afreeca, Jin Air, and MVP with 5 wins and 5 losses apiece making Korea a tightly contested region at the moment. Who will eventually triumph is completely up in the air as teams remain very close to each other in the rankings.


The top two teams in China retain their spots since last season. Edward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up are both dominating their respective groups. Edward Gaming are currently undefeated while Royal Never Give Up have only dropped a single series. No team is really close enough right now to challenge either team, and both should be making it to Worlds.


The Flash Wolves continued their hot streak from MSI, soaring ahead with a 5 series win streak to take first place in the LMS. Ahq and J-team are the closest challengers with 3 wins each, but J-team has 1 tie while ahq has a loss. While a lot of people underestimate this region, the LMS has shown how strong its teams can be at Worlds last year and MSI this year. With their additional spot gained at the expense of the Europeans, this region is certainly one to be feared.

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