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Virtual Reality vs Mixed Reality


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Virtual reality or VR for short has been one of the hottest new topics in the technology field over the past few years. Whereas the technology was not available to consumers over the five years ago, companies like Oculus Rift and HTC have now made VR readily available for the general public. However, a lesser known, but similar type of genre also exists, known as mixed reality. While virtual reality is solely contained in a computer generated world, mixed reality uses already existing surroundings and real life objects to adapt an environment. For example, if a person was to use a mixed reality machine in their living room with a first-person shooting robot game, robots could come out of their couch or walls and their entire living room would be part of the game.

Virtual Reality Advantages


Photo Credit: Venture Beat

The clear advantage virtual reality has over mixed reality is that it is not limited by anything. Whereas mixed reality uses actual real life props to generate its world, virtual reality can create any environment. Another prevalent advantage to virtual reality is the availability of VR systems. VR is available for purchase online and can be easily obtained by customers, but MR has not really reached the general public yet. The public also knows about VR much more than mixed reality as a result of the availability.

The cost of both types, virtual reality and mixed reality, differs quite a bit. Mixed reality uses more complex technology leading to higher costs and even if it were to be available for purchase, it would still be more expensive than virtual reality systems.

Mixed Reality Advantages


Photo Credit: Fast Company

The strongest argument for mixed reality stems from the immersive experience that it provides. Virtual reality already allows users to experience a 3D world as a participant rather than a viewer. Mixed reality takes this a step further by allowing users to touch and feel the world they are playing in. Each mixed reality experience is also unique as it adapts a user’s surroundings to the game being played. A simple change of rooms could provide a completely different experience.

Which one would you choose?

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