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Useful Tricks to Boost Your Gaming Laptop’s Battery

Tricks to Boost Your Gaming Laptop's Battery

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Nothing is more irritating than to have your game ruined because your laptop’s battery died. Let’s face it — gaming laptops are portable but they aren’t as efficient when it comes to their battery life. That’s why it’s important to be aware of how much power the programs running on your laptop are using. This factor can significantly affect the way you prolong your laptop’s battery life. Taking this is mind, learn how you can cut down your laptop’s power usage with these seven other tricks.

● Try adding more memory to your notebook.

Adding more RAM reduces your system’s use for virtual memory. Thus, it saves energy. It can also boost your laptop’s performance.

● Update your storage to SSD.

Replace your hard drive with a solid-state drive. It’s because SSD uses less energy than hard drives.

● Learn to manage your apps.

Make sure to close the programs you aren’t using. Programs running on your sidebar or hidden icon use power and waste precious battery life.

● Put your laptop to sleep.

Learn to tweak your laptop’s power plan setting. Set it to sleep after a certain period of inactivity.

● Disable Bluetooth, Wi-fi, or other hardware devices.

Bluetooth, IR port, and Wi-fi can waste your battery by being left enabled. Disable them if you’re not using them.

● Try to use smart outlets when charging your laptop.

These devices can let you check and control the power usage of your device.

● Clean your laptop.

Your laptop can be an energy waster so make sure to clean it every couple of months. You can clean your laptop’s internals with a can of compressed air through the vent.

The bottom line here is to know everything on your laptop that drains the battery quickly. This way, you can properly optimize it to extend battery life.

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