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WarCraft is Now the Most Successful Video Game Film Adaptation in History

WarCraft, the most successful video game film adaptation

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The WarCraft movie ticket sales may have failed in the US, but fared well overseas, earning more than $377.6 million to date. That means that Duncan Jones’ film adaptation has already surpassed the record of Prince of Persia, which made a total of $335 million back in 2010.

Critics have already cemented the fact that the video game film adaptation was a failure in the US, pulling in just over $38 million. It also had one of the largest second-weekend drops in the U.S. box office, dropping 73% of its audience. Thankfully, the WarCraft movie was well-received by fans worldwide. Especially in China where it made around $46 million on its opening day. More than $200 million of its total earnings came from China. The Chinese market indeed paved the way for the film’s success.

Aside from China, WarCraft did well in Russia and Germany, earning $17.3 million and $10 million respectively in its first 11 days. That said, Forbes recently considered the movie as the highest grossing video game film ever made in history. There were also reports saying that it may even be the first to surpass the $400 million mark worldwide. The movie will be shown in six more countries on June 30 including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Japan, Panama, and Peru.

Come what may, the outcome of its movie box office sales will determine the future of its franchise. Its Director Duncan Jones admitted that he would love to make a sequel to the film. If Warcraft continues its success, then we can pretty much expect a trilogy. Jones also confirmed his ideas for the movie sequel. This may mean the sequel may be about Arthas and how he became the iconic villain known as The Lich King.

WarCraft: The Beginning is the first film adaptation of the popular video game franchise World of Warcraft. WoW is an MMORPG released by Blizzard in 2004 for Microsoft and OS X gaming PCs.

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