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Infinite Warfare Receives Positive Response at E3


Photo Credit: Playstation

The first hint of the next Call of Duty title were rumors that the next game would be called Infinite Warfare. These rumors turned out to be true as the reveal trailer for the game was released on the Call of Duty channel just days later. However, in what could possibly be one of the most controversial trailers, the video received a record-breaking amount of dislikes for a video game release trailer. At the moment, the video is approaching 3 million dislikes while only having 460,000 likes, making it one of the most negatively received trailers.

As we covered in a previous article, much of the dislike and hate stems from fans who are looking for the franchise to return to a boots-to-ground approach rather than the futuristic theme the recent titles have been adopting. The last two additions to the Call of Duty series, Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare have featured boosting and flying so that combat was no longer limited to eye level. The game was beginning to feel like Halo or Titanfall with the new features and fans yearned for the World War style of gameplay that the first few titles of Call of Duty brought.

However, the trailer immediately showed that the game would once again take a futuristic approach as the game was surprisingly reminiscent of Black Ops 3. One of the scenes from the release trailer even showed that space combat would be in the next title.

The game was previewed at E3 this week and while the criticism for the lack of boots-to-ground action remained, the game received a positive response in terms of the graphics design, gameplay, and overall creation. For those who prefer the world war era combat, the game is also bundled with Modern Warfare Remastered, one of the classic editions of the Call of Duty franchise. Fans of Call of Duty who prefer the classic style will be able to experience one of their favorite titles again while fans who prefer the futuristic combat of the recent titles can enjoy themselves also.

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