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League of Legends Unreleased Champions You Never Knew

League of Legends Unreleased Champions

League of Legends is a popular game played in gaming PCs, a MOBA game where players act like summoners who control characters called as champions. Each champion has different backgrounds and abilities and looks that are well-designed by their own developers. But like any other game, not all champions are released. There are some who didn’t make it to the final cut.

Let me introduce you to some of them:

• Avasha


Avasha was speculated to be a tank/support hero who can also play as a jungler. She is said to be a Noxian and is probably connected to Noxus’ Katarina. It is also possible that Riven might have been inspired by this canceled champion. There are also rumors that the weapon she’s holding is the Sanguine Blade used on Twisted Treeline which is now replaced by The BloodThirster.

• Averdrian


Averdrian was a rumored champion supposed to be released around 2009 or 2010. However, on 2010 Harrowing map, a coffin containing him was seen possibly stating the fact that he was canceled by the developers. His concept art looks like he was an ancient alien probably gifted with psychic abilities. There were rumors that he was re-worked into Heimerdinger.

• Eagle Rider

Eagle Rider

Another canceled champion with no information, Riot provides us only with a concept art design for this champion. Eagle Rider looks like a Viking guy who can possibly summon a large eagle that he can ride to battle perhaps an idea which they later applied to Quinn.

• Gavid, The Plant King

Gavid, The Plant King

Gavid knew as The Plant King already had abilities before he was canceled due to the fact that he didn’t fit League’s artistic theme. His cancellation was confirmed when he appeared with Averdrian on the 2010’s Harrowing map. It was said that Zyra’s abilities quite resembles Gavid’s.

• Iron Engineer

Iron Engineer

Iron Engineer has no other information aside from an image of his concept art. Many players refer to him as the early concept of Blitzcrank. But until Riot proves this to be true, that thought stays as a speculation.

• Omen


Omen was described by Riot as a quadruped demon-like creature that was put in limbo and was probably canceled later. They provided little information about Omen other than his concept art and in-game look. It was also speculated that Omen’s role was filled by Kha’Zix although it was denied by the developers.

● Priscilla, The Spider Queen

Priscilla, The Spider Queen

Priscilla was probably the early version of Elise, The Spider Queen. Nonetheless, she was canceled and that Nidalee filled her spot. It was also speculated that she has been reworked into Urgot although this was not confirmed by Riot.

● Rock Blackblade, The Dashing Rogue

Rock Blackblade, The Dashing Rogue

Another hero that was canceled because he didn’t fit into League’s artistic theme, Rock Blackblade was actually included in the game’s beta version. It was said that Udyr filled his spot in the game, and he was put into limbo.

● Tabu, The Voodoo Shaman

Tabu, The Voodoo Shaman

Tabu, the Voodoo Shaman was also a canceled champion that appeared inside one of the coffins on 2010’s Harrowing Map. His abilities were already finished before he was canceled, and there were no specified reasons to why the developers didn’t release him. His concept art suggests that he might have been inspired by DotA’s Witch Doctor, and there were rumors that he was reworked into Swain.

● Kal’ki, The Tiki God

Kal’ki, The Tiki God

Kal’iki was supposed to be a mage. Aside from that, Riot didn’t provide any other information about the champion. In his concept art, he seemed to be a little guy around Amumu’s height who wears a large mask on his face.

● Well Soterios, The Hydrosoul

Well Soterios, The Hydrosoul

Well Soterios otherwise known as the Hydrosoul has a legend that mentioned the “Ritual of Rebirth” which was quite similar to Ironborn’s ritual in George Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire. He baptizes his followers by holding them underwater until they are drowned and then restore them back to life with his magic. There were no details given why Riot decided to cancel this champion.

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