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LCS Week 2 Roster Changes


Photo Credit: LoL Esports

The second week of the LCS is set to start in a day and there have been some significant changes to several rosters that could affect both the teams and predictions of who will be winning.

xPeke in for FORG1VEN

Although xPeke has long found his home in the mid-lane, the ex-Fnatic superstar will be replacing Origen’s ADC, FORG1VEN, in Week 2. FORG1VEN has stated on Facebook  that his departure from the team is due to lack of motivation rather than issues with the team or teammates. It will be interesting to see how xPeke performs in the ADC carry role rather than his traditional mid-lane.

Dardoch Returns

Before the 2016 Summer Split began, it was announced that Team Liquid would be benching Dardoch due to “insubordination issues” between him and the Liquid coach, Locodoco. We covered the story in one of our previous blog posts. It was also announced at the time Dardoch was benched that Team Liquid was seeking to trade him to another organization. However, it looks like Dardoch has been announced to start in Week 2 alongside Liquid’s other jungler, Moon. They will most likely be sharing play time as Liquid decides who they want on their starting roster.

Pirean Alongside with Slooshi

The signs are not good for a new team that needs to flip around their roster after their first week in the LCS. However, the level of Phoenix1 remains to be seen as they try to improve on their results from Week 1 by having Korean mid-laner Pirean start with Slooshi. Both will split playing time throughout the next week of LCS.

BunnyFufuu and Smoothie for Cloud 9

Cloud 9 have had issues filling in their support role after LemonNation left the starting roster. They temporized with Hai a few seasons back, and have been flitting around with BunnyFufuu and Smoothie, trying to find the right support for the team. Week 2 will see both supports getting a chance to play throughout the week.

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