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The Evolution of Elder Scrolls: Arena to Online and Legends

The Evolution of Elder Scrolls - Arena to Online and Legends

Elder Scrolls is considered as one of the most successful video games ever created. Developed by Bethesda, it was the company’s first RPG game which later became a critically-acclaimed MMORPG series. But like any other game Elder Scrolls didn’t start as grandeur as it is now.

Let’s talk a walk back to memory lane and learn how Elder Scrolls first started:



Arena was first released in 1994, it was not meant to be an RPG at all but later became one because of its design. It is played in a first-person perspective and features a medieval-style gladiator gameplay. It was first designed to focus on tournaments and for the player to succeed. Later during its development, the tournaments became less important and several RPG elements were added, making it a full-blown RPG.



Two years after the release of Arena, Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall was introduced to the public. With Arena’s RPG gameplay and a well-developed plot, the game is equipped with an improved character generation engine. It offers a class creation system and the ability to choose their own skills. Daggerfall’s world is consists of 15,000 towns and has a population of 750,000.



Selling over four million copies worldwide, Morrowind was the third title released in the Elder Scrolls series. Compared to its predecessors, the game features a smaller world which covered the isle of Vvardenfell. But the game offers an open-ended main quest, allowing players to explore the world beyond the plot’s conclusion.  It was well-received and garnered over 60 gaming awards.



Released in 2006, Oblivion lets players explore its rich storyline and well-developed characters. The game features improved AI and graphics, giving a more realistic environment. It boasts over 120 hours of questing and unlimited hours of exploration in the kingdom of Cyrodiil. Oblivion quickly became a favorite among Elder Scrolls players. It was then followed by two downloadable expansion packs –“Knights of the Nine” and “The Shivering Isles.”



With the use of an advanced engine to design its environment and every creature existing in the game, Skyrim is the epitome of greatness with its dynamic lighting, affecting weather, realistic environment, and its well-detailed NPCs and creatures. Try playing it on a 4k gaming PC, and you’ll definitely agree with me. Skyrim offers a larger world to explore, the main storyline to follow and factions or guilds to join. The main goal is to defeat the great dragon Alduin.



The Elder Scrolls Online is the MMORPG version of the game developed by Zenimax Online Studios. Like its predecessors, you are free to roam its open world and do many quests. It features races such as Altmer, Bosmer, Imperials, Khajit, Redguards, and much more

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