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CyberPowerPC’s All-Star Charity Event


What’s better than an afternoon of gaming and meeting some of the top gaming talent across North America? Why that would be a free afternoon of gaming with the chance to win free giveaways and prizes. CyberPowerPC will be hosting our All-Star Charity Event at the eSports Arena in Santa Ana this Saturday, June 11. The event will begin at 10 A.M. and will feature some of the top streamers and eSports teams in the United States. Among our guests, we will have summit1g, trick2g, the Team Solomid League of Legends team, and also the NRG League of Legends team. Guests will be able to watch the talent play different games and have a chance to meet them and even play with them. The event will have a show with our invited guests playing different games and also gaming systems set up for attendees to try out other games. All proceeds generated from selling the swag bags (mentioned below) and other donations will go to the Extra Life charity.

Giveaways and Swag Bags

We offer two kinds of Swag Bags at the venue, the VIP Swag Bag and also the Regular Swag Bag. Participants do not need to purchase a Swag Bag to attend the event, but the Swag Bag contains raffle tickets and other goodies donated by our sponsors. Additionally the VIP Swag Bag offers premium seating at the show.

The raffle tickets from the Swag Bags can be used for the raffle prizes which include gaming keyboards, CPUs, full gaming systems, and more. We will also have other giveaways that do not require raffle tickets with prizes such as motherboards, LED monitors, GPUs, headsets, mice, and more. The giveaways will run throughout the day and culminate with a full system giveaway at the very end, so be sure not to leave early and miss out on the opportunity.

About Extra Life

Extra Life is a charity that is dedicated to raising money for children’s hospitals throughout the United States and Canada with gaming marathons. Since its creation in 2008, it has raised 14 million dollars and have been a leading advocate of connecting gaming to helping children. We hope to raise up to $100,000 for Extra Life at this All-Star Event.

For more information about the event, please visit our event page here.

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