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Home » LoL Trivia: 10 Things to Know About Taliyah, The Stoneweaver

LoL Trivia: 10 Things to Know About Taliyah, The Stoneweaver

10 Things to Know About Taliyah

With powerful mage skills, Taliyah is the newest champion to enter the Summoner’s Rift. But aside from her earthbending abilities, there are more to this sixteen-year-old girl than meets the eye.

1. Taliyah was the third champion released this year.

According to Riot, she was created for MidSeason Mage Update and the need for a classic mage with the right abilities to act as a disabler.

2. Her name has Arabic origins.

Her name is properly pronounced as tuh-LEE-yah. Her name might actually have come from the name Aliyah which means the queen in Arabic.

3. She is revealed as an ENTJ type of person.

ENTJ stands for extraversion, intuition, thinking, judgment. People identified as ENTJ type are said to be effective leaders and have the natural tendency to direct.

4. She shares the same voice with Kaori Miyazono of Your Lie in April, and Kaede Makidera of Fate: Stay Night.

Her voice actress is Erica Lindbeck, and Taliyah was the first League of Legend champion she lent her voice to.

5. Taliyah was said to be inspired by Toph Beifong from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Since players first saw her video, it was impossible not to see the similarity of her skills to Avatar’s earthbenders. Well, Taliyah was actually inspired by Toph Beifong.

6. Her skin Freljord Taliyah shared the same theme with Freljord Ashe and Freljord Rammus.

The skin was actually a reference to the time she spent in the Freljord after parting ways with her mentor, Yasuo.

7. She has her own short story titled The Bird and The Branch.

After she was revealed, a short story was published in League’s official page. The story revealed Taliyah’s background and how she met her Yasuo.

8. She almost killed Yasuo.

Taliyah first saw Yasuo in a shrine. After protecting herself from an incoming avalanche with her powers, she accidentally directed the wall of snow into his direction, burying him and the entire temple in snow.

9. Taliyah actually came from a Nomadic tribe.

Her father is actually the leader of their tribe, one of the many nomadic tribes that were formed after the fall of Shurima.

10. She sees Azir as a threat and considers him as her enemy.

After hearing the rumors about the resurrected emperor, Taliyah immediately saw Azir as a threat to her family and her homeland, completely clueless about Xerath.

Best played on a high-end gaming PC, Riot’s League of Legends continues to dominance as the most-played MOBA game. Currently, it offers gamers a total of 115 unique champions with different skills, roles, and skins.

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