5 Items in DotA 2 I Wished to Exist in LoL

Truce, people! Truce, I tell you! Because today, I am not going to compare DotA 2 and League of Legends like what I did in my previous post. I am a fan of both MOBA games and the individual game features that make them different from each other. From their heroes/champions, gameplay, skills, map layout to their items, one could clearly see that the two games provide players with different gaming experiences.

But since I’m more of a LoL player, there are some items from DotA 2 I wish existed in League too. Here are five items I have in mind, and the reasons why having them in LoL will provide more excitement and challenge in the current gameplay:

5 Items in Dota I wished that Exists in LOL

DotA 2 legendary items are built with recipes and by buying several items both from the main shop and secret shop. On the other hand, LoL legendary items can be instantly purchased in the main shop. Despite this difference, the two games provide players with great, unique gaming experiences. Just make sure that your gaming PC meets all the requirements needed to enjoy the games’ graphics.

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