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Your Time Has Come to the Rift: New Nocturne, Kayle, and Singed Skins Available!

Their time has finally come to appear to the rift. From a post written Kantayams in the League of Legends’ official blog, he wrote a short story about a man who laid on his bed and saw three apparitions. The first was phantom had the appearance of a beaked doctor with a syringe poised to poison on him. The second apparition appeared on his sickbed, it was that of a monstrous shadow with claws stretched with the intention of dragging him to his grave. The last apparition appeared before him on his deathbed, a bloodstained angel with a sword raised to deliver justice to his miserable soul.

The lore introduces the new skins for champions Singed, Nocturne, and Kayle. Tasked to flood the rift with misery, Black Scourge Singed, Cursed Revenant Nocturne, and Iron Inquisitor Kayle is available for 750 RP each.

Here are the previews of the three new skins:

New Nocturne, Kayle, and Singed Skins

Black Scourge Singed

Designed as a medieval doctor complete with the plague crow mask, Singed carries a syringe filled with poison to kill his enemies slowly and torture them to their death.

Cursed Revenant Nocturne

Cursed Revenant Nocturne brings to life the monstrous shadow that haunts you to sleep, awaiting the moment he can drag you to your grave.

Iron Inquisitor Kayle

From a divine being transformed into a bloodstained angel, Iron Inquisitor Kayle with her sword delivers the souls of the wretched to their final destination.

These gothic-horror inspired set of skins brings a new wave of fear to the champions of Summoner’s Rift and excitement to gamers. So the next time you open that gaming laptop or PC, you might want to check out these skins on the League store.

The skins also come with these four icons:

● Omen of the Cursed Revenant – 250 RP
● Omen of the Iron Inquisitor – 250 RP
● Omen of the Black Scourge – 250 RP
● Omen of the Damned – 250 RP

If you want to get the three skins along with the champions and the icons, it comes in the Unholy Trinity Set which is available for 4294 RP.


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