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League of Legends Update: Super Galaxy Skins

It’s official, The Super Galaxy skin you saw from Rumble is now a theme with Kindred, Shyvanna, and Fizz sharing the same theme. Here’s a sneak peek of the three newest skin to be released in the Rift:

Super Galaxy Fizz (PRICE: 1350 RP)

Super Galaxy Fizz

Super Galaxy Fizz is all suited up to battle it all out in the Rift! Designed by RiotKateyKhaos, the new skin for our favorite underwater champion, Fizz. The skin features Fizz and his shark in a shiny blue armor complete with an idle animation fin. New particles and SFX are added for his all his skills, auto attacks and recall animation. It also shows a new recall animation for Fizz with him hopping his mech, ready for battle.

Super Galaxy Kindred (RIOT PRICE: 975 RP)

Super Galaxy Kindred

Another skin designed by RiotKateyKhaos, the Super Galaxy Kindred gives our inseparable duo a new futuristic look, all suited up in sleek orange and yellow armor. It also features new model and texture, and newly added particles for all skills, auto attacks, recall animation and Wolf’s trail. It also has a new SFX for its third skill, Mounting Dread (E), and has a new recall animation.

Super Galaxy Shyvanna (RIOT PRICE: 1350 RP)

Super Galaxy Shyvanna

Try to imagine a mecha-like dragon and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you transform Shyvanna in his dragon form using this skin. To help Rumble save the cosmos from evil-doers, Super Galaxy Shyvana is all suited up to fight. The skin features a new human/dragon model, new particles for both her human/dragon abilities and new sound effects for his abilities. Oh, and it also includes a new flashy recall animation.

These skins can be purchased by using Garena Points converted as Riot Points which you can easily do in League of Legends user window installed in your gaming PC or gaming laptop. The Super Galaxy Skin Theme is included in the PBE update 6.10 that comes with the release of the new champion Taliyah, The Stone Weaver.

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