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Taliyah, New League of Legends Champion Revealed

The Stone Mage of Shurima

Taliyah, the Stone Mage

Taliyah, the Stone Mage: Photo Source from League of Legends Official Youtube Video

After the popular release of the Star Forger Aurelion Sol, RioT once again has teased a new champion for League of Legends, named Taliyah. Her background lore fleshed out in a short story on the official site. Her skill kit hasn’t been revealed yet, the short story gave us a few ideas about her abilities and her past.

Taliyah, her abilities and her past

Photo Source from

According to the published short story, Taliyah is a young woman from Shurima with the ability to weave rocks. Unlike other Shurima champions such as Azir and Sivir, Taliyah came from a tribe who was threatened by the Noxian army. To protect her family from Noxus and her own powers, she allied with the Noxian army, which promised to teach her how to control her earth-bending powers in return. Instead, Noxus showed their true trademark of violence and used her powers to destroy their enemies forcing Taliyah to run away. After escaping Noxus, Taliyah met Yasuo in the snowy mountains and served as her teacher, training her to bend the earth to her will. However, at the end of the story, Taliyah learned about the Azir and thought that the bird god will enslave her family and her people, forcing her to abandon her training and part ways with Yasuo.

Taliyah run away from Noxus and meet Yasuo

Taliyah, the Stone Mage: Photo Source from League of Legends Official Youtube Video

As of May 2, Riot has released a new teaser video of Taliyah titled “Homecoming” which gives us a closer look and insight to her character. In the video, we could see Taliyah wandering through the desert, riding through a slate of rock moved by her ability. As she sees the Azir’s Sun Disc near the end of the video, she rushes to the city, rising the rocks from the ground at her command.

With the Mid-Year Mage Update, it seems that Riot is adding more mage champions to the list along with reworks of ability power champions such as Taric’s redo, the update of the elemental dragons, and other items intended for mage champions. In the current game, earth-based champions are very rare with only Malphite and Galio on the list minus Taric since his latest update, making him a celestial-based champion as of the moment. So with the upcoming release of this new champion, we just couldn’t help but be excited. With these new exciting releases and updates, it seems that League of Legends continues to stay true to its title as one of the most popular MOBA games played on a gaming PC. How about you? What do you think about Taliyah?

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