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Summit1g’s Foray into Professional CS:GO


Although many people may not be aware of this fact, popular Twitch streamer, summit1g, had previously played on a high-level of Counterstrike, playing for Area 51, a Premier/Invite level team in ESEA. Some notable names in his previous team include arya who is currently part of Splyce, and Irukandji, the coach of Cloud 9. The reason summit left Area 51 was because he wanted to focus more on streaming full-time.

Last weekend, the streamer was asked to fill in for Splyce at DreamHack Austin 2016. He along with another stand-in, fREAKAZOiD, would join arya, DAVEY, and jasonR as they attempted to make an impact in the tournament. Summit made an impact, just not the way he intended to make it.

The first match for Splyce would be against defending major winners, Luminosity Gaming. It was extremely unlikely that Splyce would come even close to defeating the Brazilian team especially with two stand-ins, and the result ended up being a 5-16 loss. The second game was where summit would become infamous for what he did on the 27th round of the game against Counter Logic Gaming. The streamer turned temporary stand-in, was left in a 1 vs 2 situation with the bomb planted on the B site of Train. His team was also up 15-11 at that point and needed just one more round to win. A great play and quick double kill left him with only the bomb to defuse and summit looked away from his screen as he ran to defuse the bomb. Unfortunately for him, a molotov had been thrown previously and he ran through it with only 40 health resulting in his death and a subsequent round loss. CLG proceeded to tie up the game at 15-15 and win the match in overtime.

The single act has given summit the attention of the CS:GO community, despite it being negative for the most part. The spot where he died has now been nicknamed to “summit” and remains a callout on B site of Train. It is unfortunate that summit has been receiving negativity from the community, especially from Splyce fans and people who bet on Splyce. Still, he can look back in a few years and realize that a good play may last a few days, but a good laugh lasts forever.

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