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Champions of DreamHack Austin

CS:GO Winner-Luminosity Gaming

Photo Credit: Flikr

Before the tournament even began, Luminosity were already the heavy favorites to take the win. Many people also predicted that the finals would be all-Brazilian with Luminosity’s younger friends from Tempo Storm meeting them in the finals. Both events came to pass as Luminosity and Tempo Storm stormed through the group stages with relative ease, preventing all of their opponents from reaching more than 11 rounds against them in the best-of-one group stage format. Cloud9 and Team Liquid stood as the hopes for North America as they passed through the group stages in second with Cloud9 taking on Tempo Storm and Team Liquid taking on Luminosity Gaming in the semifinals. For Cloud9 vs Tempo Storm, Cloud9 took an early map lead and had a chance to win the second map after a terrific comeback, but Tempo Storm denied them the opportunity and won it in overtime. The third map began as a stomp for Cloud9 with Tempo Storm winning the first half 13-2. Cloud9 made a comeback possible and closed the deficit to 14-11 before Tempo Storm won 2 rounds back to back to close out the series. In the LG vs Liquid semifinals, there was nothing of note to talk about as Luminosity outclassed Liquid at every opportunity to sweep the series 2-0. The finals went much of the same way for Luminosity as they only allowed their Brazilian counterparts to take 9 rounds on both maps to win the title.

Starcraft II Winner-Hydra

Photo Credit: Daily Dot

Although the early matches of the Starcraft II tournament was filled with unexpected upsets, the final result was not that shocking. Two of the three Koreans who were heavily favored to win the tournament, viOLet and Polt, fell in the Round of 16 to Snute and FireCake respectively. The Snute vs viOLet was not as big of a shock, but Polt losing to FireCake definitely was. The other remaining Korea, Hydra, had a scare in the quarterfinals where he barely managed to squeak out a 3-2 win against the Polish player Elazer. Another surprising upset was puCK losing to Neeb in the quarters. The semifinals was an easy affair for Hydra as he blitzed through his opponent MaSa 3-0 to move into the grand finals. Neeb managed to defeat Snute in another upset to make an impressive and dream run to the grand finals. In the finals, Hydra won the best-of-seven series 4-2 to take the victory and claim $16,000 and 1,000 WCS Circuit Points.

Heartstone Winner-Chakki

Photo Credit: Daily Dot

With over 200 participants, the Heartstone tournament was a battle of stamina and focus as players had to go through many opponents for a chance of victory. The eventual champion Chakki, saw a scare in the Round of 16 as he almost lost to fr0zen in the best-of-five series, but managed to win 3-2. The quarterfinals and semifinals were clean sweeps for the American player as he took down fellow American, Jasm, and the Chinese player, Payton. The finals was another grueling affair as Chakki managed to edge out TerrenceM, 3-2, to claim his first major title in Heartstone.

Super Smash Bros. Melee Winner-Mang0

Photo Credit: Youtube

Not surprisingly, the three favorites coming into DreamHack Austin, Mang0, Hungrybox, and Mew2King took the top three prizes in the tournament. Mang0 had a strong run of form last year, but has since fallen off and has watched his rivals, Hungrybox and Armada dominate the early months of 2016. Mew2King has consistently placed high in 2016 tournaments, but has not been able to actually win many titles. In the winner’s finals Hungrybox took down Mew2King 3-2 to await whoever would come out of the loser’s finals to face him. Mang0 had dropped there earlier in the tournament and took down both Wizzrobe and Mew2King 3-1, to advance to the grand finals. Hungrybox had a set advantage, but Mang0 quickly rectified that by winning the first series 3-1. In the second series, Mang0 came out to a strong start, winning the first two games, but Hungrybox quickly answered back with two games of his own to send the match into the last game. The last game was an extremely tense and close match with the result coming down to the last stock before Mang0 won the series and the tournament.

Heroes of the Storm Winner-Team Naventic

Photo Credit: Youtube

Although Team Naventic took the trophy at DreamHack Austin, their road to success was not easy at all. In group A, they lost to Cloud9 0-2 and barely beat Panda Global 2-1 to take the second seed in the group with Cloud9 grabbing the first seed. They managed to sweep the first seed from group B, Gala Force eSports, before meeting Cloud9 in the grand finals. From the history earlier in the tournament, things were not looking good for Team Naventic, especially when they went down 1-2 going into the fourth game of the finals. However, they held on and won the next two maps to win the series 3-2.

Street Fighter Winner-JWong

Photo Credit: GameSpot

As one of the best fighting game player in North America, JWong came into the tournament with a huge home court advantage as it was DreamHack’s first tournament in the United States. His road to victory was an easy one as he cruised through the competition. The finals was a culmination of his dominating performance as he won 3-0 over opponent, NuckleDu.

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