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Call of Duty’s Next Title: Infinite Warfare


Photo Credit: Playstation Blog

Call of Duty releases a new game each year with the different games being made by three different companies with each company getting their turn every three years. The Black Ops series is made by Treyarch for example while the Warfare series is made by Infinity Ward. The 2016 game will also be part of the Warfare series and will be made by Infinity Ward. The game was rumored to be titled Infinite Warfare and has since been confirmed to be as such and is set to release on November 4th this year.

Call of Duty began in a more World War type era and has since progressed into futuristic style combat. In the older games, movement mechanics were limited to eye-level movement with just a basic jump, crouch/prone, and sprint/walk options. The most recent games starting with Advanced Warfare has allowed players to perform more advanced movement options such as wall-running, double jumps, sliding, and much more. The change this brings to this game is drastic as it forces players to not only scan horizontally for enemies, but also vertically as enemies are no longer limited to eye-level.

Infinite Warfare will once again feature a futuristic approach to the game. Details of the game have been released in pieces and rumors, but not too much has been confirmed as of yet. It is likely that the game will be similar to the two previous installments in the Call of Duty franchise, Advanced Warfare and Black Ops III with similar themes. The game has been confirmed to feature the well-loved Zombies cooperative game mode and is the first time that an Infinity Ward game will have a Zombies mode. The trailer also revealed that the game would come with Modern Warfare Remastered.

The trailer for the game was recently released and can be found here.


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