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The Sibling of Ice and Fire: Rylai the Crystal Maiden and Lina the Slayer

The Sibling of Ice and Fire

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Game of Thrones’ most popular book is its first book titled “A Song of Fire and Ice” theoretically referring to the romantic lore of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. But if you think GOT is the only franchise that provides a lore about ice and fire then you have definitely not tried to check the lores that encircles Crystal Maiden and Lina the Slayer’s lives. From DOTA 2 one of the most popular MOBA game you can play in your gaming PC and PC gaming console, Crystal Maiden and Lina the Slayer tells the lore of two sisters innate with opposing elements.

If you can still remember it, Crystal Maiden and Lina Inverse aren’t connected in DotA 1. They barely know each other aside from the fact that the other controls an element conflicting to the other. Lina is a renowned pyromancer while Crystal Maiden is trained to manipulate ice and frost. Both Sentinel heroes, Lina and Crystal Maiden possessed a different lore in DotA 1. According to their past lore, Lina was a traveler known for her great power to control fire and lightning, while Crystal Maiden is known as a mage that can manipulate the power of frost and ice. However, upon the release of their characters on DotA 2, a new lore had given their characters a deeper background. And of course, who would have thought that these two powerful female heroes are siblings to start it.

Rylai the Crystal Maiden and Lina the Slayer

According to their new lore, the two sisters were born in a temperate realm. Lina the Slayer and her youngest sister, Rylai the Crystal Maiden we’re the stuff of legend. It was said that the two had a quarrelsome childhood with Lina always having an advantage with his fiery ardor, and clever attitude. Rylai, on the other hand, was naive and guileless. It wasn’t long till the two discovered their separate affinities to their individual elements. Lina was gifted with pyrokinesis while Rylai has an innate affinity to ice and frost, adding more fuel to their sibling rivalry. To solve their issues, their parents decided to separate the children. Lina was sent to her aunt living in the blazing Desert of Misrule to practice her powers. Rylai, on the other hand, was banished to the cold northern realm of Icewrack where she met a powerful Ice Wizard who built himself a hermitage at the crown of the Blueheart Glacier. She became his apprentice for years before the Ice Wizard proclaimed that she was ready to practice the Frozen Arts alone and left her to take his place. As of this day, the two continues to strike fear to locals with their inhuman abilities to control the powers of nature in their fingertips.

…And continues their sibling rivalry at the battlefield of DotA 2.


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