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Elin and Popori: The Cutest Races in TERA

Considered as one of the most popular MMORPG games of today, TERA was first released in South Korea as a fantasy role-playing game that offers players with several races and interesting classes to play with features 3D graphics suited for a 4k gaming PC. But what makes TERA a little bit more engaging than other games is that it offers a couple of unique races aside from the usual ones like elves, humans, dragon-human hybrids, and cambions. And what are these races I’m talking about? Well, I’m talking about the two small and adorable races that are taking the internet by storm: Elin and Popori.

Elin and Popori are two cute races with adorable small statures that make them look like chibi characters. They both belong in the same kingdom but have different descriptions and characteristics.


Let’s start with Elins, female humanoids that were created by the goddess Elinu out of her own divine essence. Elins are the guardians of nature and anything that destroys its balance will automatically be an enemy in their eyes. With their childlike appearances, people often think of them as naive and innocent but don’t let their looks fool you. Elins are older and wiser than they appear to be which speaks with an otherworldly tongue not suitable for their small and naive look.

History of Elins

In order to protect the world she love and created, the goddess Elinu created corporeal bodies and kindred souls with the fragment of her divine spirit which she called Elins. “These immortal creatures reflected the appearance of the youngest daughter of Arun’s naive desire for beauty and peace” described in their official page. The Elins as of today lives in small city inside the trunk of a single tree known as Pora Elinu which is governed by the Elin queen. And to help them protect their kingdom and reach their goal, the Elins teamed up with the Poporis.


Living along with the Elins in the Popori Kingdom of Pora Elinu, Poporis are non-human beasts that are awakened to sentience by the powers of the Elins. Although they are small, Poporis can be ferocious and dangerous when they are threatened. They are resolute defenders of nature and will do anything to complete their mission.

History of Poporis

When the Amanic War brought deep scars to the continent of Arun, the youngest daughter of the Titan Arun, Elinu the goddess created the Elins by using her presence. Elins are tasked to protect nature and his father. Elins, in turn, resorted to awaken the animals of nature to create the Poporis. With their help, Elins will do everything to protect and restore the world they live in.

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